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A leaflet rack can be a simple tiered leaflet stand placed on a table through to a substantial floor display accommodating many different sales brochures. With so many models and options on the market, choosing the right brochure stand or leaflet rack to suit your requirements and company image can be a challenge. This simple guide highlights a few factors you will need to consider in order to obtain the perfect match.

When choosing a leaflet rack firstly consider your budget versus the quality and premium appearance of the product you wish to purchase. As with any product, you can’t expect champagne quality with a beer budget. If your company boasts a luxury corporate image then it will be self evident that investment in a top of the range leaflet display stand would be the correct choice for the reception area; however you’re not going to need premium quality for a corner shop or guest house displaying local tourist leaflets. First assess your company needs, does the leaflet rack need to look stylish, or is it mainly required for its functionality? You can save yourself a lot by establishing this ‘before you hit the high street’ – or the internet, since online is a great place to research and purchase leaflet racks.

Next you need to establish the right brochure rack for your surroundings and situation. How much space is available and how many types of brochures/leaflets have to be displayed? If you are tight on space but have a large number of leaflets to display, then maybe a wall mounted brochure display rack is what you require. If space isn’t an issue then perhaps a floor stand with round base and central mast with literature shelves attached is for you. Check the dimensions of the product before ordering as if you do not make the right choice return shipping of these products often isn’t free. So you need to do your research and ensure you’ve not bought a leaflet rack that’s too big or small before you pay.

Ensure that the leaflet rack your order accommodates the size of brochure or flyer you need to display. US readers may not be familiar with European catalogue sizes such as the ubiquitous A4 size or the popular trifold size known in UK as DL or 1/3rd A4.

Lastly you need to decide the level of mobility you require for the literature display. Maybe you’re not looking for a brochure stand for your showroom or shop at all, and in fact you require a leaflet rack for exhibitions and trade shows. In this case the main questions you need to ask yourself are – Is it lightweight, as these stands will need to be easily carried around tradeshows and exhibitions. How big is its footprint? Exhibition stands are can sometimes be restricted in size by the available budget with space at a premium. Consider how many brochures or flyers you hope to hand out. In high footfall locations ensure that the brochure stand can take a high number of catalogues, whilst occupying the smallest possible footprint. When quick build up and break down is required ideally you need to look for a folding or ‘pop up’ stand which required no assembling or disassembling on site. Most decent quality folding brochure stands will also come with a carry case or bag to promote mobility.

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write by Thomas Kyles


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