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It’s a British invasion, with the popularity of Xloop Sunglasses moving across the pond with their recent UK division opening. So, it’s more of an invasion of Britain. In the USA Xloop is still going strong with its line up of fashionable wholesale sunglasses. Xloop is sunglasses are hip, and windswept, the perfect look for a pair of shades.

A fairly new company, Xloop UK limited was formed in early 2005. Its goal in the marketing world is to bring the fantastic shades and styles of Xloop to Britain and the rest of Europe. Sports glasses at their finest are what Xloop stands for and they are highly affordable ranging from as little as $15.

Xloop offers the largest selections of brand name sunglasses at wholesale prices to date. They don’t just make the glasses but they also make the sunglasses affordable. There are numerous brands of sunglasses available from the company you will be bound to recognize. Think X-loop, DG, Choppers, VG, Biohazard, Locs, and USA Bike, all name brands and high quality sunglasses that are available as wholesale sunglasses prices.

Many small businesses, internet retailers and flea marketers also buy sets of 12 to 30 pairs of sunglasses from Xloop for their own businesses. They mark up the prices slightly to offer them online or offline to the general public.

The Xloop brand glasses come with plastic frames and modern half sized lenses. It’s a look that goes equally well on the road, on vacation or while wandering through a local marketplace. Their wholesale prices mean you can get normally super expensive frames for a very affordable price. For example, a pair of Xloop sunglasses model 2056F cost as little as $7. These shades come in black plastic frames with green iridescent coatings and dark gray lenses to protect your eyes from most light conditions.

If dark isn’t your motif then you can sample one of the many other name brand sunglasses that Xloop offers as they get them in. Xloop even managed to get in a shipment of limit edition OCC Paul Jr. Chopper Sunglasses from the show, American Chopper. These silver metal frames with amber lenses would normally be hundreds of dollars, but Xloop made them available for just $24. You can tell they’re Orange County Choppers by the infamous OCC logo on the temples.

Xloop Sunglasses Company is a great way for sunglasses lovers to get their favorite brands without having to pay full price to experience the luxury. Xloop sells direct to the customer so there is no middleman to mark up the price.

An average pair of xloop sunglasses costs about $20. For that price you are getting high quality shades and wholesale sunglasses at drastically reduced prices.

The company has been extremely successful making most of their sales online through various internet retailers and eBay stores. In 2007 they sold $10,000 case lots of sunglasses to customers just like you. This recent surge in popularity is what prompted the expansion of their company across the pond to open their Xloop UK division responsible for bringing name brand fashions at affordable prices to people across Britain and Europe.

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