With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – With Eye Power, Spectacles.

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For decades now superheroes have been fascinating people of every age. Fans love their strong, feisty, and fearless image. People draw comfort from them because they symbolize the triumph of good and the victory of the vulnerable underdog. Challenging limits, they inspire us from childhood to leave a lasting impact. Whether it is their super powers, costumes or their human alters, they have a cult fan following.

Is it a coincidence that nearly all superheroes and heroines guise their human alters with spectacles? Perhaps not! Spectacles are the accessory they use to blend in with the rest of the world; it also shows that they are all thinking individuals. Some superheroes simply couldn’t give them up when their acquired superpowers made even their eyesight invincible, lest they be caught.

Let’s take a look at the iconic specks worn by superheroes and how they don it.


Superman, the man from Krypton was the mild mannered Clark Kent when he wasn’t flying and saving the world. He is the original do-gooder of society, and his eyeglasses are a prominent part of Clark Kent’s iconic look. He depended on his black horn rimmed frames to both project his smart, mild-mannered personality and hide his identity as Superman. These broad frames are popular nowadays, with many celebs opting for the hipster look that’s nerdy but very trendy.

Wonder Woman

Princess Diana of Amazon, well known as Wonder Woman needed eyeglasses for her alter self, Diana Prince. She wore oversized eyeglasses to go unnoticed and blend into the mortal world. This Greek goddess rocked these oversized specks. Her bold, powerful appearance and impeccable sense of style gave confidence to and encouraged women. Her eyeglasses are quintessentially retro – quite the current style.


Among most superheroes, Peter Parker was one protagonist who wasn’t ‘gifted’ with powers. He was a regular cheeky guy who actually relied on his eyeglasses to see before he became spider-man. His image with eyeglasses wasn’t a cool one. He was perceived as a nerdy, nervous kid, who always gets bullied. His eyeglasses are full-rim rectangular frames and even after gaining powers from the bite of a radioactive spider, he continued to wear specks to hide his true identity. So cool!

Superheroes have been captivating us with their amazing powers and devotion to doing justice. Their glasses are their quirk that just makes them more awesome. Even if one doesn’t have Clark Kent’s powers and Spidery-vision like Peter Parker, one can still be as cool as they are. Seeing them in specks appeals to us because we know there’s one way we can be like them. It feels like anyone can rock with a pair of specks and be their own superhero!

write by Tramaine King


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