Wine Wedding Favors to Enhance a Wine Themed Wedding

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Wine wedding favors are growing in popularity to match the rise of wine themed weddings. As wine becomes more popular in our society, more couples are opting for a wine themed wedding, even if they can’t make it to the wine country. You can find a variety of wine wedding favors such as: custom labeled wine bottles, wedding themed wine stoppers, and wine scented candles.

With custom labeled wines, you can get bottles of wine personalized for your wedding and use them as favors or as gifts for the wedding party and out of town guests. You can personalize the labels with your wedding date and names as well as a personal message. You can add your favorite photograph to your label to further customize the label. Depending upon your budget and needs, you can get wines in full bottles or half bottles. At some wineries you can participate in the wine making process and bottle your wine with the help of friends and family. You can even serve your custom label wine at your reception if your venue allows it.

Another option for a wine wedding favor is a personalized wine glass or Champagne flute. You can get glasses or flutes etched or imprinted with your names and wedding date to commemorate your special day. Your text can be enhanced with several wedding style designs like hearts, doves, and wedding rings. To decorate the glasses use ribbon that matches your wedding colors and tie a bow on the stem of each glass.

Wedding wine stoppers have become more popular and now there are more and more options to choose from. Most of these stoppers are made from chrome with a rubber seal to help preserve the wine. You can choose traditional wedding theme wine stoppers with designs like hearts or a bride and groom or you can tailor it to the season of your wedding. There are wedding wine stoppers with fall leaves and snowflakes, for example, if you are having an autumn or winter wedding.

There are also many wine stoppers that can go with a specific theme, like beach ball or sea shell wine stoppers for an ocean front wedding. There also fairy tale style toppers. Many of these stoppers come in a gift box and often have tags that can be personalized. Also available are sets that come with both a wine stopper and a corkscrew.

Wine charms are another wine themed item that makes for an inexpensive wedding favor. There are several wedding related wine charm sets available which usually come packaged in a set of four charms. If you want a more personalized option there are wine charms that can be customized with your name and wedding date.

Other wine themed wedding favors include coasters with wine designs and wine scented gel candles that come in replica wine glasses. The gel candles usually come in different wine scents like Merlot or Chardonnay and come in a petite wine glass.

Wine wedding favors are an easy and inexpensive way to enhance a wine themed wedding. Furthermore, these are wedding favors that most guests will enjoy and use which will remind them of your special day.

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