Why You Need Reading Sunglasses

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It sounds like a contradiction in terms. Sunglasses are for going out and doing things. Being active and having fun. How much reading are you going to be doing? At most you will be looking at road and shop signs which you can read fine without glasses. As for writing, how much of that do you do outdoors either? Maybe, writing down your golf scores? This is why a lot of people dismiss the idea of reading sunglasses out of hand as something that they don’t need.

But think again. Accepting the fact that you need glasses for reading, are you sure that all the reading you do is indoors? Have you forgotten the times you wanted to relax on the beach or in your hammock with a book? It’s a great way of unwinding and spending some time outdoors. But shade is not always available and maybe you don’t want any – perhaps you have a tan that you need to work on.

So you’re on a holiday with nothing more active than relaxing on a lounger or beach blanket with a book you have been looking forward to. You put on your reading glasses and start squinting in the bright sunlight. That makes it difficult to read. Your options? Using regular sunglasses and try to read with them on, this may be next to impossible.

The solution to this problem is reading sunglasses. These are regular sunglasses with lenses that have a tint to reduce the glare and make reading bright sunlight comfortable. And it’s not just reading you need them for. Think of other outdoor activities where you need to be up close with the action. What about playing chess or checkers? You could manage with ordinary sunglasses for a while but the strain will soon tell on your eyes. And suppose you want to sit in the garden and play cards? Imagine calling a “club” a “spade” because you are wearing regular sunglasses and can’t see the cards properly.

Some people use clip on lenses that fit over regular reading glasses to address this problem. But there are difficulties. Finding them when you need them can be a problem. And since they fit over your ordinary reading glasses they may cause some distortion in the vision. And finally, let’s be honest – they don’t look cool at all. In fact, they look pretty lousy.

Reading sunglasses are the answer to all these problems. They protect your eyes form excess sunlight, allow you to read or do anything else that needs a close up focus and since a huge range of designer reading glasses are available in the market you can be sure of getting something that looks cool and makes you look great.

Most reading sunglasses are made keeping in mind the fact that they are going to be used outdoors and are designed to be not just nice looking but also sturdy enough to stand up to outdoor use. Try a pair and see the difference they make to both the way you read outdoors as well as the way you look when you do.

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