Why Slipstream Cycling Team Is Good For The Sport Of Cycling

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Slipstream cycling team may be the only American cycling team to be in the 2008 Tour de France. Their only hope is to get an invitation from the Tour de France race officials in order to enter the biggest and prestigious cycling event in the world.

After the falling out of Discovery Channel cycling team and the one before, U.S. Postal Service Cycling Team, the chances of slipstream cycling team getting into the Tour de France are great. In addition, they have signed on many top riders all around the world.

As many cyclists know, doping has been a popular issue in today’s cycling world. Many great athletes had been tested positive for either illegal drugs or illegal blood transfusions. This is why the UCI and other cycling organizations need to get on board and enact stricter policies on testing for banned substances.

Team Slipstream is different than most cycling teams. The cyclists on the team are blood tested and urine tested for more than 50 times a year and the team has enacted a strict anti-doping policy that is considered by many to be much stricter than any cycling team. These rigorous in-house testing programs are needed in order to bolster the image of cycling after the great scandal of most recent years.

Another reason why Slipstream cycling team is good for the sport of cycling is because a cyclist’s so-called entire biological report card is on file and closely monitored. There are physiological testing done that can monitor the rider’s changes when they are training, traveling or even when sickness occurs. The testing is also independent of the cycling team so results can be viewed as non-biased.

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