Why My Wife Is My Hero

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My name is Chas Brothers. Many of you know me as an author of motivational articles directed towards both big and small business alike. As writers, we draw upon our knowledge and experience to offer our readers the one or two things they may need to inspire them to greatness.

Life experience is also a great teacher as are the people who have the greatest influence over us. My wife Jolene has been my source of inspiration and greatness for over 14 years. Those who know me intimately will tell you I don’t give away my affections easily but she brings out the best in me even when I don’t want her to.

When we met, I was informed by this Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and former Marine, that she was going to take this stubborn Polish, Native American, and former Army dog face and mold me! Friends you can imagine that at times, it was the classic clash of the Titans!

I have seen many things over the years which have caused me to view life in colors of black and white while she sees things from every form of gray imaginable. For me, there were no hero’s and I was desperately looking for where I fit in, in the overall scheme of things. The hero I was looking for was right in front of me all the time – my wife!

Jolene has taught me more about business and cultivating the tools I needed to succeed more than anyone. Without her direct support, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. I’m not surrounded by nay – sayer’s – just supporters. She is my editor, most staunch critic, advisor, and most trusted partner.

She has never ceased to amaze me. Despite at times a not so friendly work atmosphere at a couple of previous employers, she always maintained a high level of professionalism about her that was inspiring. And if that weren’t enough, when I got custody of my four children from a previous marriage she accepted them and set about teaching me how to be a good father to them.

I remember when I first started in management, I just couldn’t wait! I was the flavor of the month – an autocratic leader just like the bosses before me. Only problem was everyone went democratic on me overnight – I was lost!

I have always possessed the ability to motivate others and help them find their strengths but it was through her refinements of me that I was able to find mine and manage to give myself a break in the process. She has taught me to be tolerant of a great many things that I never thought I would be capable of.

All that I am, I owe to her for she is truly my hero, my rock. We make a pretty formidable team. It took 14 years to mold and shape this team but I was already moldy to begin with so she had a head start!

It’s important to me that you know what motivates and inspires someone who enjoys motivating others! I’m better because of her and it shows. Thank you Jolene – I Love you Kiddo!

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