Why Kids Should Have the Right Equipment For Sports

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How many times have you seen kids playing sports that don’t have the right equipment to us. They have cracked baseball bats, broken hockey sticks that are taped up to try and keep them together and more. There shoes are falling apart, helmets are missing chin straps and the list goes on and on.

What parents need to realize is that this is not safe for the child. Not only is it not safe, It can end up costing a whole lot of money at the doctors to.

Lets take basketball shoes for kids for an example. Most people will think that basketball is not a contact sport. Well, It is. You get pushed around, bumped and even fouled. Lets say your child has an old worn out pair of basketball sneakers on. What can happen?

The basketball shoes are supposed to have traction. A worn out pair will not have traction. So when the child gets bumped his foot may slip back. When he or she gets fouled both feet might go flying out from under them. When the pushing and shoving on the court is present there is a danger of trying to push back and not having any traction to do so leading to a fall.

All of the above situations lead to the same result. An injury. These can range from a pulled muscle from slipping and not expecting to, to falling and hitting your head resulting in a concussion to trying to break you fall with an arm and breaking said arm. The child could even break a leg if it twists the wrong way.

The right sports equipment is essential for the child, especially your child, to avoid injuries like the ones described from using a worn out pair of basketball shoes.

write by Keva


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