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Wholesale Replica Sunglasses are know in different ways. Some people

are looking for Sunglasses with the actual brand names on them. Others are

looking for a style that compares to the original. In either type these

are know as replicas. In this article we are going to cover what different

types of Wholesale Replica Sunglasses there are.

A lot of people are looking for Wholesale Replica Designer Sunglasses with

company names on them, these are also known as fakes. Fake Sunglasses are

very popular and sell very well but there are draw backs to them. One of

the most common draw backs is they are low quality and don’t offer any UV

protection. They can also break very easy or fall apart in a very short

period of time. Selling Replica Designer Sunglasses with company names on

them like Oakley, Chanel, Gucci and other brand names is illegal. We do

not suggest selling this type of merchandise. Although there is a high

demand for these types of items, selling them is breaking the law.

Replica Sunglasses that compare to, that are similar in style with no brand

name on them are OK to sell. We suggest only selling this type of Replica

Sunglass because you are not breaking any copyright laws. Some sunglass

companies offer the “Compare To Brand Name” type of Sunglasses. We find

these types of Sunglasses to sell very well. People like the idea of

seeing a pair of Sunglasses that they can relate to the brand name.

People want a brand name Sunglass but don’t want to pay the price. Most

higher end brand name Sunglasses sell for around $100 – $300 per pair.

Replica Sunglasses are the perfect alternative to the brand name Sunglasses.

The price on most Replica Sunglasses are around $10, so if you end up losing

them or breaking them you are not going to feel so bad. One thing about

selling Replica Sunglasses is the profit margin is very good. Most

retailers make around $8.00 on each pair sold.

Things to look for in Wholesale Replica Sunglasses. Quality is very

important you don’t want to be selling low quality Sunglasses that break very

easy or don’t offer any UV protection. Look for styles that compare to the

originals but don’t have brand names on them. A reputable supplier that

stands behind there merchandise. A supplier that offers fast shipping, low

prices and good customer service. A Sunglass supplier that has had years

of experience that can offer ideas on promoting your business.

write by Cyril / Cyrus


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