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Designer brands for guys has had a turn in a useful new way. Famous fashion brands make wholesale handbags which are strong, have a stylish charm and have the capacity to carry the necessary items. In this hectic, technology driven world, with key chains, money clips, mobile phones, digital organizers etc.

Men can no longer insert a wallet into his pocket and think that they have everything that they need. The recent trends of designers offer numerous more choices in bags for men to carry their necessary things without feeling awkward of carrying a feminine looking carry-all bag. Current leading designers are dealing with such carry-alls for men. Wholesale handbags for men, make it easier for those who want to be well organized while portraying a masculine appeal and dignity.

Such bags can come in handy for men who go for jobs every day as they have to carry their iphones, notebooks, key chains, billfolds etc. along with them. Such items can be held in styled wholesale handbags or carry-alls, having wide bands which makes it easier to be worn on the chest. Such bags are very common and can be seen in very notable designer shops. A new group of tote bags for gentlemen will be coming out in autumn, 2009 by Louis Vuitton. The group contains carry-alls made for corporates and play. These are made very well with the famous Louis Vuitton patterns on them.

These bags are also available by various other well-known brands other than Louis Vuitton such as, House of Gucci, Dior and Jean paul Gaultier. From Gucci, bags such as messenger carry-all and attach cases can be purchased, which have enough space for keeping the required things. Doirs bags are more like a big camera bag made of leather, with zip fastener closures and a lengthy strap which is easier to handle.

Today, the fashion industry has answered the need of handy as well as stylish bags for gentlemen. As the finest names in the fashion world have made such bags that attract gentlemen, they have more alternatives of wholesale bags and totes for job and delight. Bags have muted styles for business. As for pleasure, bags have enough space for carrying the necessary things and have a rough design.

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