Which Polo Sunglasses Will Complement Your Face?

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If you want to buy a pair of designer eyewear that will beautifully complement your face, Polo Sunglasses are the best choice. Before you purchase Polo Sunglasses Frames, you should know two basic facts. First – know your face shape and next – find out which Polo Sunglasses suit your face cut.

People with square or angular faces should go for oval and round Polo Sunglasses frames. For this face type, temples that are connected at the top of the frames and butterfly-shaped sunglasses will look extremely charming. The Polo PH 4044, 3049, and 3027 are some of the models that will suit square faces.

People with oval faces are the luckiest as most frame shapes fit perfectly. Some of the complementing sunglass shapes include square, rectangular, and geometric shapes. Numerous models of Polo Sunglasses are available in these shapes. Some of them are Polo PH 3020, the Polo PH 3033, and the Polo PH 3045 models.

Stunna shades that come with tall frames, embellished top rims, and decorative temples will look great on oblong faces. Polo Eyewear such as the Polo PH 4039 Polarized and the Polo PH 3039J Sunglasses are a perfect choice for this face type. Angular and geometric sunglass shapes add beauty to round faces. To make your face look long and thin, choose sunglasses in rectangular or horizontal styles.

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