What to Expect From Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery may be one of the best decisions to make for yourself to improve your quality of life. Many men and women develop this problem as they get older. Some do not realize it is happening until it has worsened significantly. If your doctor believes you are a good candidate for this procedure, it could be life changing. The good news is that it is a very safe, proven procedure that can help you to see significantly better.

What Is It?

Cataract surgery is necessary for many people. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the lens of the eye. In most cases, he or she will then replace it with an artificial lens. This is necessary for many people who develop cataracts, which is a material-like buildup that occurs on the lens. The lens is normally very clean, which allows individuals to have good vision. However, if this material builds up and clouds the lens, it becomes increasingly difficult to see.


In most cases your doctor will notice the development of these over a period of time, if you visit the eye doctor often enough for this to occur. This material is easy to see in most cases with a standard vision screening and exam. Eventually, he or she will recommend that you have the procedure. Generally, the ophthalmologist will perform the procedure.

What Happens During

This is often an outpatient procedure. It is very common as well. Most procedures take no longer than an hour. Your doctor will begin by putting drops in your eyes, which make your pupils dilate. You will then be given a local anesthetic so that you do not feel anything. In some cases, people are given a sedative. This is common in situations where the individual struggles to keep their eyes open.

To remove the cataracts, doctors can use ultrasound technology to break up the lens and material so that it is easy to remove. In other cases, the doctor may decide to make an incision in the eye in order to extract the lens. Both procedures are safe and generally do not affect your ability to see (except to improve it) as long as a trained professional is doing it.

For those who have the need for this procedure, there is no benefit in putting it off. Cataract surgery can be an outstanding way to improve your vision within a short period of time. You will need some time to heal. It will take a few days for your vision to fully improve. However, during this time, you will be able to see and function as well as or better than what you had been dealing with before.

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