What Is the Kindle?

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The Kindle is an electronic book reader exclusively produced and marketed by the giant book retailer Amazon. The device has a 6-inch screen that displays text in black-and-white. It has the ability to store more than 1,500 books, plus newspapers, magazines, pdf files, and even blogs. It too can be used to search for book titles in Amazon’s Kindle store, and download them over a wi-fi or 3G connection. To date, there is an estimated 600,000 book titles available for the Kindle.

Holding the electronic device is similar to holding a thin book. It has a crisp, clear display that is easy on the eyes, even after long reading. As mentioned, the display is in black-and-white, mimicking the look of a real page. This display is consistently clear, whether in a dark room or outdoors under the glare of the sun.

Electronic reading using the Kindle has obvious advantages over the old, traditional way of reading a physical book. First is storage. One doesn’t have to lug around many volumes that he wishes to read, say, while on vacation or while traveling. Instead, he simply has to carry one thin, light, portable Kindle device and already he has hundreds of books at his disposal. Another advantage is the ease of acquiring a book. With Kindle, one simply has to visit the Amazon Kindle store online, choose a book, and then download it. Downloading usually finishes within one minute. It’s very simple and quick. There is no waiting around for books to be delivered. Moreover, once the book is safely stored in the device, there is no worrying about some damage such as torn or missing pages, loose binding, or stained pages from spilled drinks.

Another great thing about Kindle is that it can be used continuously for about two weeks, or for four to five days straight if the wireless mode is switched on. This allows ample time to enjoy reading on the device without having to recharge often. The gadget also does not become uncomfortably warm after hours of non-stop use, unlike a laptop or other electronic devices.

There are currently two versions of the Kindle device. One has the original 6-inch display, while the other, called the Kindle DX, has a larger 9.7-inch display. The latter also has a greater storage capacity and can hold about 3,500 volumes all at once. It is the most advanced Kindle, and the thinnest. At about 1/3 of an inch thick, it is comparable to a magazine, but very light, weighing just about 10 ounces. Furthermore, the Kindle DX has 3G capability, and so downloading is possible wherever there is cell phone signal. One doesn’t have to look for a wi-fi hotspot anymore to be able to download books on the device.

Another very attractive feature is the aptly-named “Read to Me” functionality of this e-book reader. When the eyes get tired, one can continue to “read” by turning on this feature and listening to an audio version of the book. A headphone jack on the Kindle makes this possible.

With all these features, it is no surprise that Kindle is the top gadget for electronic reading today.

write by Charles Minadeo


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