What Do Coach Tag Numbers Mean?

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Have you ever taken a look at the price tag on your new Coach purse and wondered what all of those numbers and letters at the top mean? Those Coach tag numbers have meaning and relate to the specific bag or accessory the tag is attached to.

To the upper left, you will often see something like F10925. This is basically the style number of the product. Not always, but often you will see a large F preceding the numbers. In most cases, this stands for factory, meaning the bag came from a Coach factory outlet.

The following numbers represent the bag or accessory style. In this case, 10925 represents a Soho mini signature small flap purse. This is the number Coach uses to identify that style bag. Whether it came from a factory outlet, department store or a boutique, this number will always be on the tag of that style bag. Sometimes the name of the bag will be written along with the numbers, smaller and below or in the middle, but not always.

The numbers to the right of the tag represent specifics of the item. In this example, we’ll use SPKNA. The S means silver. The hardware on this product is silver. The PK means pink. The main color of the product is pink. NA means natural. The leather trim on the bag is natural color leather. Combined, you have SPKNA.

If you were to purchase this bag, you would likely notice the Coach tag has F10925 on the top left. To right, on the top, you would see SPKNA. You would be holding a Coach mini signature small flap purse with a pink body, natural colored leather trim and silver colored hardware.

The most helpful use of these numbers is when you are trying to match items, particularly colors. With so many products and beautiful shades of color put out by Coach, finding a perfect match can be difficult. With the tag numbers and color codes, you can’t go wrong!

Brass, for instance, comes in several shades. Often the hardware letter will be followed by a number. You might see something like B4PKNA. The B4 would mean brass 4, identifying a particular shade or type of brass used by Coach. Even the colors will sometimes have numbers after their abbreviations, such as PK1, meaning Pink 1. As you can see, the Coach tag numbers can be quite necessary for a perfect match when buying accessories.

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