What Color Lens Is for You?

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Sunglasses and fashion tints are more popular than ever before. Singers, actors, and athletes have made sunglass styles and tints another way to express yourself and accepted by the public. Frame styles look very cool but the tint in the lenses can really help enhance your vision in many different light conditions.

Color and the level of shading are described in this article. Each tint described will help determine what will be best to improve your visual acuity or activity.

GRAY C – Reduces the maximum amount of light and allows for true color recognition. good for bright sunny days and high glare situations. Best for driving, deep-sea fishing, boating, and everyday use.

BROWN C – Provides excellent contrast and visual acuity and depth perception. Reduces blue light and is good for sunny and varying light conditions. Ideal for driving, golfing, and flats fishing.

GRAY A – A lighter shade of gray c and transmits colors evenly and allows true color recognition. Good for a variety of activities on partly cloudy to sunny days.

BROWN A – A lighter shade of brown c, improves contrast and depth of perception. Best for partly cloudy or overcast days.

BLUE – Used for partly cloudy to sunny conditions. Good for tennis or shooting at green targets. Blue lenses allow the maximum amount of blue light to the eye, also used by airplane pilots.

YELLOW – Provides the maximum light transmission of any color lens. Increases contrast and filters out some blue light. Used for night driving, popular with target shooters and skiers.

PURPLE – Reduces or dampens certain backgrounds and increases contrast. Used for cross country skiing, golfing (reading putting greens), and snowmobiling.

GREEN – Slightly better contrast than gray colors. Green has true color balance and is a good choice in many lighting conditions. Used for tennis, driving, and cycling.

ROSE – This color of tint increases contrast, and is great for early morning or late evening fishing. Also improves indoor vision with artificial lighting.

ORANGE – Increases contrast and blocks out blue light. Good for hiking, gardening, cycling or just relaxing in overcast or partly cloudy conditions.

write by Starsky Banks

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