Wearing A String Bikini

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Do you have the self confidence to wear a string bikini? It requires being thoroughly aware of your body and being completely comfortable with it, since it’s going to be out for everyone to see. Now, everyone’s been to the beach and averted their eyes from someone wearing something that they shouldn’t have (guys, this applies to you, too. A beer gut and speedos do NOT mix!)

When picking out a swimsuit, ask yourself, “do I have the type of body to wear this type of suit?” If you’re one of those tall, skinny beanpoles of a woman, you can probably carry off a string bikini look. Don’t worry, we’ll still hate you for it. If you’re a little shorter, or, heaven forfend, have a chest that needs actual support, you may want to get a more conventional two piece suit, since you won’t have your long midriff to give you visual balance.

Now, once you’ve got your handkerchiefs and dental floss, there are some basic bits of bikini etiquette you should be aware of. There’s such a thing as appropriate attire, even on the beach. Now, If you go to a naturist beach, appropriate attire is sunglasses and a smile. If you’re at a family water park, a string bikini may show off all your assets – even to people who really don’t want to see it. Be modest – even if you think it won’t harm anyone to see your bikini wax job, the mothers of the kids there may not agree with your assessment. On the other hand, if you’re at an adults only resort, feel free to let it all hang out – whatever you’re comfortable with will work just fine.

Now, string bikinis are also made for men. Remember what I said about Speedos and beer guts? Same thing applies, in spades, to string bikini briefs for guys. If your idea of weight lifting is the twelve ounce curl followed by the eight-rep twinkie dunk, please, spare us the sight of your junk flopping around in a string bikini. On the other hand, if you spend enough time in the gym that you’ve got abs and a nice pair of buns? By all means, flaunt your package where we can see it – assuming there’s no kids around.

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