Watching the Mentalist Videos Puts Audiences in With the Mystery

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Not too many shows, unlike the Mentalist videos, place the spectator in almost the same feeling of excitement and anxiety felt by the protagonist in solving the puzzles and mysteries in the episode. Simon Baker stars as Patrick Jane, a former entertainer feigning psychic abilities and other mind-reading tricks, and now offers his services to the California Bureau of Investigation or CBI. While his boss is strictly by the book and rule-based, Patrick’s actions and movements are spontaneous and more often bounds on the side of risk and danger. Despite all this, his team mates value his penchant for success in solving crimes.

The remarkable thing about the show is that the audiences are presented with the same clues and hints available to Patrick Jane. There is no trickery involve, such that Jane arrives at the solution with the audience feeling cheated and hood-winked. Rather, the flow of events, along with other visual and auditory signals perceived by Jane, is adequately presented to the watching public. The spectators feel that they too are part of the quest-solving adventure of Patrick Jane. And since the show is premised on Jane’s skill to solve through the keen use of observation, viewers can somehow simulate this through watching the mentalist videos from the comfort of their homes.

And while this notion of solving everything by the use of observation may seem mechanical and in terms of entertainment, dull and boring, Patrick Jane uses his skills not only for serious matters but also to constantly play practical jokes and other funny stuff at his team mates and other people. The show is very engrossing, and at the same time very entertaining. No doubt due to his background as a former poser of mind-reading abilities, Jane seems to have not lost the need to entertain others, especially his team mates. So while the show is ultimately about crime, typically dull scenes are brightened up by Jane’s demeanor and tactics.

As noted, the television program is a kind of procedural show, where the routine and most protocols of crime scene investigations, interview of witnesses and other tasks are shown. While most of these activities certainly are grave and serious routines, the program is able to portray these things in an entertaining light, thanks to Patrick’s behavior and choice of instances to use his powers of deduction. Though largely amusing, his fellow team mates are constantly annoyed at his comedic pranks, especially considering the fact that their work is crime related, certainly something that does not evoke laughter or tomfoolery.

Nevertheless, the show is highly anticipated because of the mesh of theatrics and criminal procedure, and the combination of grave seriousness with light-hearted humor. Thus, while Jane is a prankster, his tricks do not interfere with his serious fulfillment of his tasks as somewhat of a detective in the CBI. His keen sense of perception is not affected by his equally intense sense of humor and childishness. Many people, who want to be engrossed, search for a really good book to curl with. Another suggestion is to follow the scent of the killer, Red John, through the Mentalist videos.

write by Athena Nguyen


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