Virtual Smart Agent VSA Website Sales Conversion Tool Review

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The domain for the Virtual Smart Agent VSA Sales Conversion Tool was registered in December of 2007. It was created by Dave Guindon who has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. Dave said that when he used this tool on one of his websites he was generating 80% conversions from unique visitors to buyers and made an extra $3,000 in just one month. I have been seeing these all over the Internet on mostly sales letters.

If you’ve been marketing on the Internet for any length of time, it’s no doubt you’ve probably read your fair share of sales letters. You try to leave the website and a pretty girl pops up and says something like, Hello my name is Julie. I’m an automated sales representative and I’ve been authorized to offer you a 15% discount or something along those lines. You can actually chat with them. Of course they won’t know exactly what you mean but there’s some degree of artificial intelligence built into the software.

Virtual Smart Agent VSA will save you money from outsourcing a customer support representative since this tool is supposed to automate everything. It’s also a great Website Conversion Tool in the sense that it offers the customer a discount before they attempt to leave the site. This feature has made tens of thousands in additional sales for some people who have used it. These sales would have been lost without this tool.

The Virtual Smart Agent VSA is stand alone software which means that it is designed to run on your own system. You can makeup your own Custom Agents and put in your own names and photos so they don’t look the same as the other customers. One of the best closing features is to initiate the live virtual chat on the exit page. Also if any questions are unanswered they are logged, so if the customer left contact information you can follow up with them later.

Virtual Smart Agent VSA allows doesn’t limit you to the number of campaigns you decide to run. You can run as many campaigns as you have websites. So this tool will become more valuable to you as you grow your business and your product line. It even has a list building system built into the software so you can use it to grow your prospect base.

The Virtual Smart Agent VSA has a lot of other features as well. Of course you can customize the on exit message. This will allow you to tailor the software per website per offer. It will even send out a thank you email to these prospects. And if you want to chat with your prospect in HTML you can do this as well. They even allow you to integrate audio files so you can say what you need to and make sure they listen.

Losing sales is a reality on the Internet. There’s really no way around this. The key is to do everything you can to sell them something before they leave. The Virtual Smart Agent tool was created specifically for this purpose, which is to make every possible attempt to sell the prospect before they leave your website. You’ll never close every sale from every visitor to your website, but you can certainly take steps to drastically increase Website Conversions and this is what VSA helps you do.

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