UV Rays Damage Eyes – How To Protect Yourself!

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UV rays are present in sunlight and when people are exposed to sunlight, they’re also exposed to UV lights. Doctors today are suggesting that exposure to sunlight is necessary to help the body create vitamin D for itself. But, being exposed to too much of Ultra Violet rays can create complicated problems related to your eye and skin health.

While many people are unaware of the problems that can occur from being exposed to Ultra Violet rays, a lot of people are already faced with serious health problems that have been triggered by exposing themselves to UV rays. UV rays also damage the eyes, and can lead you to eye problems that can reduce your vision and even create blindness. There are many eye problems that are associated with the overexposure to eyes.

UV damage can cause the following Eye problems:

(A) Macular Degeneration: A huge amount of Americans are affected by Macular degeneration. It is a condition that is an effect of being exposed to huge amounts of UV rays. Everyday UV exposure can add up in the years after and cause this eye problem. It is one of the leading causes for blindness in older population.

(B) Cataracts: The UVB rays present in the Sunlight can be the leading cause of cataracts in adults. A cataract is the clouding seen in the natural lens of the eyes. The clouding can create difficulty to see properly and the cataract becomes unable to focus on the light properly.

(C) Corneal Sunburn: Corneal sunburn is known as photokeratitis. It occurs when eyes are exposed to high amounts of UV-B rays for a short period of time. It is a common condition in which eyes lose vision for a temporary period of time and the condition is quite painful too. Staying out in the sun for long hours during skiing or while at the beach can cause it.

(D) Pterygium: An unnatural growth on the white part of the eye is called a pterygium. This growth involves the white part of the eye but can also spread on the cornea too. The seemingly harmless growth can slowly block your vision too and cause blindness. It is most commonly experienced by people who stay out in the sun and experience windy conditions.

How to protect yourself from UV damage?

You can protect yourself from the everyday damage of UV rays by wearing a UV protected branded eyewear. Only a UV protected eyewear like a sunglasses or a UV protected lens can block the UV rays from entering the eyes and keeping your eyes protected. The UV 400 sunglasses from branded sellers can help keep eyes healthy and are available in designs to suit every face and lifestyle needs.

write by Jarintzy Cardenas


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