Universal Studios Hollywood – How to Make Your Visit More Enjoyable

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Universal Studios Hollywood is probably the one of the oldest film studios still producing pictures. Originally Universal opened it doors for tours of it movie sets but this has now grown into a massive theme park split on two levels. There are a few thing worth remembering when visiting Universal Studios to a make your visit more enjoyable.

Get there early an hour or so before the gates open and sign up for the first tour group of the day. You can save some money for your family’s visit to universal studios tour by asking your travel agent to inform you of special deals that can benefit you and your family. VIP passes bought for a tour of the universal studios give you some privileges that include moving into the front line for attractions thus, saving time. The universal studios tour has a package delivery service which allows you to make purchases and pick them up on your way out…it is located near universal film company.

Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses a cap or hat to help protect your face from the sun during your tour. Dressing in cotton material that allows adequate air ventilation is advisable when going for a tour of the universal studios because it can get very warm.

Smokers are limited to certain areas of the universal studios tour; there are eight smoking areas in particular where they can smoke freely…the other areas are no smoking zones.

In case of an accident or a mishap, you can locate the first aid unit and in universal studios in the upper lot near animal planet live and get medical attention.

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