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Most people who wear single vision glasses will need some further correction, especially after the age of 40 when they experience difficulty in reading, especially the grocery labels and fine print.

There are people who keep two sets of eyeglasses: bifocals for indoor reading and sunglasses for outdoor activities. With bifocal sunglasses, you do not have to carry two pairs of eyeglasses. Some bifocal sunglasses can have dual corrective glasses whereas some have a semicircular corrective region below and normal sunglasses above. Therefore they can serve people who are just presbyopic (farsightedness) as well as people who have a combination of far and nearsightedness.

It is best to get your eyes tested once in a couple of years to find out if you need any corrective measures. The good news is that you do not have to get stuck with thick framed and dull looking reading glasses. You can find them of different materials, styles, tints and models. There is enough variety to fit your choice and your face type. But make sure you get a prescription from a reputed optometrist.

Most people become aware that they require higher power reading glasses when they have a problem reading labels or when they suffer from eye fatigue or eyestrain. If you normally face the harsh glare of the sunlight bouncing off shiny objects, polarized reading sunglasses can be ideal for you. These sunglasses also block the harmful UV rays of the sun.

While choosing bifocal sunglasses you must consider the following:

The Lenses: Glass lens are out of fashion these days as they are simple and breakable. Resin, monomer and polycarbonate lens are more stylish, lightweight and strong. They are scratch-resistant and have great optical properties. You can also choose the shape of the lower corrective area. The semicircular ones are more popular.

The Frame Shape and Material: The frame you select must suit your face shape and your desire. Frames that are not prominent and loud look decent. They rather complement your face and give it a proportionate look. You can choose frames made of plastic, metal or carbon.

The Frame Style: There is an overwhelming range and choices available available. You can choose from silver or gold plated metal ones or decent black carbon ones. Rhinestone frames look cool and tortoise frames look attractive. The bridges and temples come in wide color variations and styles- each one more attractive than the other.

The Weight: Make sure that they are light, since heavier ones leave marks on the bridge of the nose. Reading sunglasses with nose pads are ideal especially if you are using them for sporting events. The Tint: They can be tinted with colors that vary from rose to brown, and soothe your eyes in outdoor environments. So whether you will use your them during your fishing trip or just as you relax in your front yard, you can find a pair for any occasion.

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