Top 10 Tips For Travelling to the Beach

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Heading to the beach is always exciting. By gathering all of the right gear, you can improve your chances of having a terrific beach day. Just remember to have fun and relax!

1. Verify the Weather Conditions. Before you head out, you should make sure that the weather forecast is expected to stay favorable. Depending upon your preferences, you should not visit the beach if there is a high probability that it will rain or be completely overcast.

2. Check into Beach Hours. While you are planning out your day, you should also look into the operating hours of the beach. This allows you to know how long you can stay.

3. Find Out About Area Restaurants. If you don’t plan on bringing a small snack or meal with you, you should research area eateries so that you know where you can go when you do get hungry. Many beach websites will list nearby restaurants and on-site vending stands that are available.

4. Don’t Forget the Basic Necessities. It’s easy to forget something important when you are on the run, which is why a list comes in handy. You should write down everything that you intend to take with you in order to reduce the chances of forgetting something. Try to remember your beach towels, suntan lotion, sunglasses, beach umbrella, beach chairs, water resistant camera and hat.

5. Bring Ziploc Bags. In order to protect your personal belongings, you should bring sandwich bags to seal up your wallet, camera and watch. This will keep out unwanted sand and water. It also helps you find these items quickly when you need it the most.

6. Entertain Yourself with Beach Games. If you don’t like lying out all day and want to be entertained, then you should bring some sort of game. Having a Frisbee, volleyball, soccer ball, football or kite can help you pass the time. You can get a nice tan and stay active.

7. Take Reading Materials. During your down time, you can read a book, magazine or newspaper. A beach day provides you with the opportunity to catch up on your favorite author, celebrity or the latest world news.

8. Bring Refreshments. It is very important that you remain properly hydrated throughout the day. You should take a few water bottles per person so that you do not run the risk of severe dehydration.

9. Carry Aspirin with You. Many beachgoers develop a small headache when they are basking in the sun. Think about carrying some pain reliever with you so that you can go on enjoying your day without interruption.

10. Have a Backup Plan. Sometimes an emergency beach closing can happen. Try to have a backup plan for spending your free time elsewhere if something were to cut your beach time short. You may be able to spend a gorgeous day at another location.

Cheers to a great day at the beach!

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