To Become An Irresistible Woman

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I have read a lot of books sharing secrets and steps to become a more glamorous and attractive woman in the eyes of men such as “Make Him Beg To Be Your Boyfriend In 6 Simple Steps” by Michael Fiore or “How To Make A Man Want You: 7 Simple Steps To Win His Heart And Make Him Your Boyfriend” by Karen White. However, only after reading the book “Make Every Man Want You” by Marie Forleo, do I actually have a positive awareness and new vision on how to be an irresistibly attractive woman.

The strong desire of every woman is to become a wise and charming woman. A wise woman knows how to master her own life and how to become the center of relationships and make them better. But, what must you do to get the above goals? Will you try to dress up, make up, lose weight quickly to make you more sexy or make more money?

It can be said that most women are greatly influenced by comments of other persons. They are much more concerned about the feeling, satisfaction and compliment of the others and considered them as a measure of their attractiveness. This points out that women are easily confused to judge the nature of problem under their own feeling. Consequently, women neglects the only true value to create their irresistibility and wisdom – it’s “a lifestyle, by definition, is a way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person” as Marie Forleo’s opinion, not “a one-time magic pill”, money or appearance.

To become more attractive, the best thing you should do is to focus on you. Before you want to be loved and admired by others, you yourself must affirm your own value that is worthy being loved. You should comprehensively understand “yourself” and then learn to how to improve and love your personal value. When you are self-confident to make yourself more charming to others in almost every situation, you will be like a magnet that magnetizes everyone. Thus, affirming your personal irresistibility is the way to affirm your own position.

However, if you has made every effort to change and affirm your personal value in the most respectful way, few persons do not still realize your value. You should do that you are not allowed to lose your own perspective and lifestyle. It is normal in life. You cannot make everyone satisfactory because each person has a different perception. Or you should understand simply that you perfectly deserve to have better things than that.

With the straightforward opinion and sophistication, the author not only shows the truths every irresistible woman needs to know but also refers to the habits of highly unattractive women or complex contradictions in thoughts that negatively influence on their relationships. Especially, this book also gives advice and secrets to get rid of bad habits and make every man and everyone want you.

“Make Every Man Want You” is worthy of the saying of Gay Hendricks (the author of Five Wishes: How Answering One Simple Question Can Make Your Dreams Come True): “A must read for any woman who wants to awaken her most conscious, irresistible self… delivered in a brilliantly funny and accessible way”. I have read it and realized my personal values and irresistibility positively. How about you?

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