Tin Man and Me

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Making my way down the yellow brick road

across my path the Tin man strode.

For so much armour his touch was quite soft,

I could see through his shield all the dreams he had lost.

I told him my journey’s final stay,

he stiffly replied, “I’m not going that way.”

As he let me oil his rusty parts,

he picked up my basket and asked, “Shall we start?”

“To where?” I responded, for I was surprised

to see such a twinkle in the Tin man’s eyes.

“You may need help along the way,

I’ll keep the lions, tigers and bears at bay.”

“Dear man, it’s not the forest I fear,

it’s that your heart you won’t let me get near.

I’m off to see the Wizard of Oz,

where dreams are filled and pure love rules the laws.”

“What an odd pair for the Wizard we’ll be,

your foolish heart and a tin one in me.”

“But Tin man, you told me my road will not do.

Without dreams in your heart Oz is no place for you.”

“I’ve earned this shield ’round my heart that I wear

and no one can touch it so do not dare.”

“If you travel with me you may just find

that you don’t need armour of any kind.

We’ll keep your oil can safely at hand,

for the path may get stormy on our way to this land.”

“This place you are headed is just not for me,

but I like how your courage has set your heart free.

You’ve not even a compass, water or rope!

Just a basket of faith, joy, love and hope.”

“It’s true, Tin man, at times I’ve been lost,

but to journey alone is greater the cost.

I may let my heart lead instead of my mind,

but I stopped for you so I must not be blind.

I see your heart beyond the tin,

now if you’re finished objecting, let our journey begin.”

So off we went, the Tin man and me,

learning and laughing and letting life be.

We shared of ourselves and grew closer each day,

but I knew better than to think he’d stay.

He seemed so willing, so sure and steady,

yet I saw the signs, he just wasn’t ready.

His past had torn his heart to the core,

he needed healing, I needed more.

In my dreams was the future he’d lost,

so why on earth had our paths crossed?

Then one day a darkness appeared

and out jumped a witch, she snickered and sneered:

“My pretties, aren’t you two the pair

a Tin man and a girl so fair,

you think you’re on the road to Oz

but here I am so you must be lost!

With my darkness and evil I’ll split up your bond

and chain you to thinking of all that is wrong.

Give me what’s precious, that shield and basket!

Surrender your treasures or I will outlast you!”

“You wicked ol’ witch! On your broom take flight!

The love from our hearts will send out a light!

This light will conquer the evil you sow,

now is the time, Tin man, let your heart glow!”

“I disagree, it’s better to part,

we’ll go different ways, she can’t see in the dark.”

“Neither can we and together we’re stronger!

Give up your shield – you need it no longer.

Please take my hand and stay close to me!

We’ll get through this safely, I promise, you’ll see.”

“Go on your way, without me, my friend,

and don’t let go the basket no matter what end.

I need to face this witch on my own

and find a new path to travel alone.

I was wrong to let you think I agreed

that your foolish heart could set my tin free.”

“Farewell, then, Tin man, but I’ll always believe

that our journey together could have set both our hearts free.

I’m not quite as brave as you saw me that day,

I simply refuse to let fear guide my way.

Keep that twinkle in your eyes that I saw

and somewhere over the rainbow to Oz,

perhaps we’ll meet each other again

and journey together to the rainbow’s end.”

Some time later…

I missed my friend I’d met on the way

his memory stayed clear in my heart everyday.

Our laughter, our singing, the feel of his touch,

I wondered whether he thought of this much.

It was me with my dreams who had been wrong

to open my heart and invite him along.

He told me his truth and this I ignored

that twinkle of his made me want so much more.

I’d been willing to trade in the name of love

my own truth I heard from above.

Perhaps it was foolish, but, oh, what a lad!

We had something special and now I am sad.

I guess I believed I could change his mind

and show him a road of another kind.

The dark came on quickly and we weren’t prepared

to face it together and we both got scared.

Now he’s out there journeying alone

and me with my basket on the yellow brick road.

I look for him from time to time

and wish him love as I write this rhyme.

If you’re out there, Tin man, and you’ve ears to hear,

let this message be perfectly clear:

Oz gives us nothing we don’t already have

it’s the journey together that makes it so grand.

write by Mackenzie St Germain

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