Third Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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After three years of marriage the rush has gone, a life together has been built and you’re all set to enjoy your lives together. The rush may be gone, but it is still important to celebrate your love of each other. The third anniversary may not be one of the major milestones but it should never be ignored.

The symbols for the third wedding anniversary are leather (traditional) and crystal (modern). These give both practical and romantic options for an anniversary gift. There are a number of obvious gifts associated with leather — gloves, belts, bags and clothing to name a few. These are worthy gifts, and will always be appreciated, but you can use a little imagination to make them extra special. Leather clothing (jacket, hat, vest, slippers) is a great gift as long as you know what they like. It can be a problem in that sizes can vary and one really needs to try them on before buying — so keep that receipt!

Practical gifts are great but they can always be enhanced with something extra. A leather passport holder may seem a little boring, but if you present it with airplane tickets to the Caribbean it can take on a whole new meaning. A leather-bound photo album, telling the story of your marriage so far makes a lovely gift you can both enjoy. A leather bound journal with a quality pen is another option. Or you can get a desk set together with a leather photo frame (with a picture of the couple) as a nice gift for an office worker. Crystal gifts can be practical too. Wine goblets, vases and candle holders are wonderful presents. These are best given to the couple, rather than, for instance, from the husband to the wife. No matter how lovely they are, a woman likes impractical gifts as well!

Jewelry is an obvious option with some lovely lead crystal pieces on the market. Crystal figurines, especially if they collect them, make a nice addition to a nightstand or dresser. Another option is an antique mirror — make sure it goes with the decor! You can also think a little outside the box. Expensive sunglasses they would not normally buy would count as crystal and would certainly be received with appreciation. A watch with a leather strap would hit both symbols, and you can not go wrong with a nice watch! Every wedding anniversary is important to a relationship. Make sure you and your spouse celebrate your third in style.

write by Jason Wyman


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