The Uses For Non-Prescription Contact Lenses And Prescription Free Contact Lenses

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Nowadays, the craze of using various eye colors to change the personality and style as well as enhancing one’s look is so much on the rise that many people are always on the lookout for various colored and other types of contact lenses. Hence, there are some people who wear contacts without prescription and use it just to make a fashion statement. Apart from using contacts for eye correction, these prescription free contact lenses are used for a wide variety of reasons like cosmetic and costume purposes.

There are many reasons to cite for the popular demand of these non-prescriptions contact lenses. The main purpose to wear this form or type of eyewear is to change the color of the eye anytime one feels like doing so. These lenses are generally termed cosmetic colored lenses, as they will help in assisting the person using it to make a fashion statement. Colored lenses range from multi colored and bright looking lenses to ordinary light color tinted contact lenses.

Some of the uses for these non-prescription contact lenses are discussed below:

· Cosmetic colored contacts are generally used to change the color of the eye. It is available in any optical shops without the prescription of the doctor and is widely available over the internet as well. It is a natural way in which people can change their entire look in just a matter of few minutes and it is very easy to use. Many people prefer to go for colored correction free contact lenses to make a fashion statement or to match the color of their costumes. Because of its wide availability and the fact that it can be worn without a prescription, many people opt for ordering the colored contact lenses online.

· Theatrical or special effects contact lenses are the next most sought after type of non prescription contact lenses. They were in use earlier by many film and theater personalities to enhance their looks while shooting for movies or while performing in theater. There is one problem while using these theater contact lenses. Some of the people wearing these special effect lenses can have an eye problem if their eyes are unhealthy. The various types of these special effects contacts are: glow in the dark lenses or full dark black lenses or cat eye contacts or blue, red and purple contacts and nowadays we see eye having a cross in the pupil. As these contacts are made to be creating an impact on special occasions, the demand for the same is on the rise.

So, there are plenty of lenses that are available in the market which can be used without any prescription and is used only to enhance one’s look or style. As it a non correction contact lens, it can be ordered easily through online or from any eye war store. If you are going for these no prescription contact lenses, it is better to wear it for a certain period of time initially for your eyes to get used to it. You should take care in driving a point very clear that the contact lenses should never be shared. Proper cleaning of the lenses in cleaning solution after every use is essential to keep it looking better for many years.

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