The Special Effect of a Pitch Black Contact Lens

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The dead look of a totally pitch black contact lens is frankly quite unnerving to say the least. Many movies especially those that deal with vampires and the living dead themes have gone a long way in popularizing these contacts lenses. Just imagine the terror you can inflict on unsuspecting friends and acquaintances when you step out of the shadows.

The best pitch black contact lens available will cover the entire eye surface so that none of the white of the eye will show. Wearing them is much akin to wearing very dark sunglasses. As a result moving around in dark surrounding can be difficult if not downright hazardous to the wearer. Even in some fairly well lit rooms you have to be careful not to step on or into things lying on the floor.

We purchased our pitch black contact lenses on line from a discounted contact lenses supplier located in California. Since they were made outside the US we were somewhat hesitant to use them. We thoroughly cleaned each lens several times to make sure that we had removed any possible contamination from them. After all you only get two eyes and no use taking any chances.

We found that the full cover pitch black contact lens did not fit our first test subject most likely due to the shape of her eye. However the lens did fit my eyes just fine. If you do not regularly wear contacts and are uncomfortable wearing them then you will not like these contacts. These contacts are about 1/3 larger than a regular contact lens which can also make the lens uncomfortable.

These special effect contacts are designed for theatrical or special effect contacts use only. As such they should not be worn over night or for extended periods. The quality of our soft pitch black contact lens was pretty good for a plane type contact. We would recommend that if you need corrective lenses then you should contact your eye professional for assistance in ordering your special effects contact lenses.

There is no doubt that these contact lenses will be popular at Halloween. They also may be popular with many movie groupies who want to look like their favorite characters. While wearing the contacts I was amazed by the effect they had on ordinary unsuspecting people. In one case my eyes caused the clerk of a convenience store to drop her drink on the floor. In many cases you can see individuals catch their breath upon seeing the contacts.

We spent slightly more than $88 for our non prescription or plane pitch black contact lens. As we have stated we felt that were of good quality. You would expect to pay more for a set of prescription special effects contact lenses. The best deals appear to be on the internet using discounted contact lenses suppliers. They are not cheap but if you are interested in making an impact on people then these lenses are really hard to beat.

write by Theophilus

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