The Secret of Great Reading Glasses

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Reading glasses are not what they used to be and the spectacle wearing public are grateful for it! Remember those awful, heavy, fragile specimens your grandmother used to peep over when she was knitting? Endearing but not how you see yourself, right?

Reading glasses now come in a myriad of colors and styles with something to suit everyone. Not only are the glasses themselves style setting, the cases they come in are fashion accessories and can mix and match to compliment just about every fashion for city wear, beach wear and sport.

The popular front clip style is everywhere now, with a magnetic fastening over the bridge – the glasses just hang around the neck until required – or the foldaway fits into a matchbox sized case and pops neatly into a handbag, briefcase or car dashboard. Glasses have become something you wear, other than on your face, with wild and wonderful string clips and body tags to hold them onto a jacket, pocket or handbag pouch.

Make an effort to get your eyes properly tested before setting out to buy a pair of reading glasses. A test with a qualified eye care practitioner takes less than an hour and arms you with the right prescription for your eyes to ensure that when you do purchase your reading glasses, they are tailored for you.

So many elderly people boast that they purchased a cheap pair of reading glasses when they first began to need them and are still wearing them ten years later! Economy should come second to your eye health and the chances are that if you have worn the same pair of reading glasses for years, they are definitely the wrong strength and likely damaging your eyes. Always have the right prescription for your glasses and never borrow someone else’s reading glasses.

A good optical outlet will carry a comprehensive range of styles to choose from but if you prefer to shop at home, there are fast and efficient services for providing reading glasses against your prescription. Simply fill out the online form and your glasses will be dispatched within a day or two. However, do take the trouble to have your glasses properly checked for fit once you have received them. It is important to ensure they are correctly fitted in order to be certain they will provide the best support for your eyes. Most opticians do not charge for a simple fitting check but ask first.

Always look after your glasses and check for scratches and scuffs regularly.

write by Jamshid Kamaliddinov


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