The Perils of Online Eyeglasses Shopping

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For some people, buying eyeglasses online may be an OK way to get a new pair or two. But for others this may end up to be a complete disaster. A lot of different considerations go into selection and function of your eyeglasses to include;

o Pupilular distance (PD measurement)

o Bifocal or Ocular Center measurements

o How high is the sphere power

o How high is the cylinder power

o Is there ground in prism

o Different materials available and can the person adapt.

o Base curve requirement

o Types of lenses available

o Other options that assist the lenses in optimum performance

o Type of frame… metal or plastic.

o Eye conditions being treated with the prescription eyeglasses

o And many others

So you see it is not as simple for some as for others. Getting eyeglasses made incorrectly can be devastating for many eyeglass wearers. Headaches can occur from improper PD placement or bifocal height placement. Wrong materials for the individual person can cause vision discomfort. Incorrectly ground prescriptions can impair proper vision. Children are treated with specifically made eyeglasses to help correct eye conditions and strengthen eyes as they grow. Improper frame fit can create problems with comfort and vision. Package pricing is great for some but absolutely useless to others with special needs. Without an optician to check the eyeglasses for imperfections in workmanship and proper fit, how do you know if what you should have is what you received?

I am amazed that people, even professionals buy Starbucks every day yet complain about the cost of taking care of their eyes. It is a shame that those wishing to buy cheap eyeglasses online are probably the same ones wearing Tommy Hilfinger on their butts. They are not complaining about the amounts of mark ups in the clothing industry for name brands. So why are we not all buying our jeans at WalMart instead of Dillards? Why would you want to cut short something as precious as your eyesight? Eyesight is a valuable gift. After all your eyes are the windows of your world, what is that worth to you? Just ask someone who has lost theirs. Yes, eyeglasses are an investment, but are not your eyes worth it?

write by Jason Wyman


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