The Only Diet That Works Is to Not Follow a Diet at All

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Who is healthier – Animal or Man?

It comes to health and fitness, my philosophy is that you should always cast one eye to nature and the animal kingdom to see how they do things. Why is this? The answer is that because almost without exceptions, animals in the wild are far fitter and healthier than man. How many fats, out of shape animals have you seen in your life? The only ones I can think of are people’s pets, and that’s because they’ve adopted the un-healthy and un-natural ways of human beings. In the wild, animals are lean, fast, and strong. Now, take a seat in a shopping mall and watch as humanity parades past you. You should be there for hours before you see a person who is half-way healthy. Clearly, animals know what they are doing, and people don’t. What’s their secret?

Why most weight plans fail

The problem with most programs that promise weight loss (either natural or not) is that they force you to follow some kind of plan. Now, think about this. Do animals in the wild ever follow any kind of diet plan? If you accept the fact that animals are far healthier than most people, might this not be some kind of clue as to how you should proceed in accomplishing your weight loss goals? The fact of the matter is than human beings tend to over think things. Take a look at the following list, and see how many points you agree with…

– My problem is that I need to lose 20 pounds.

– There is no substitute for will power if you want to lose weight.

– All successful programs for healthy and natural weight loss require a special eating plan and special low calories meals.

– Three pounds a week is about the minimum amount of weight that you should lose on a good diet program.

– The fact of the matter is that it would take me about 50 push-ups, 100 deep knee bends, and 200 sit ups combined with running around the block several times to burn off the calories from one piece of pie. This is why exercise is not that important in helping me reach my weight loss goals

– When following a weight loss program, it is a good idea to weigh yourself everyday. This way, you’ll know if you’re making progress and you can reinforce your success.

– It is absolutely necessary to adhere strictly to a diet in order to achieve success. If you deviate from the plan at all, you are condemning yourself to failure. You might

Now, how many of these statements above are true? The fact of the matter is that none of them are. These are the false beliefs, and if you believe in any of them, you have been sabotaging yourself from the beginning. It’s like you are planning a trip to the North Pole, but you have the false belief that the Arctic is a tropical paradise. Instead of preparing for the cold, you pack your swim trunks and sunglasses. Your trip is doomed before it starts.

Drop the false beliefs of man

Man over-complicates things. Rather than live in tune with his natural self, he adopts a series of false beliefs that ultimately work against him in a variety of ways. Man should replace these false beliefs with real ones, for the real key to healthy and natural weight loss is not what you are eating. Trying to drastically change the kind and amount of food that you consume simply will not work in the long-term. Remember our animals friends. They don’t follow a diet, and neither should you. The only diet that works is to NOT FOLLOW A DIET AT ALL!

Let me make this point again. The key is to replace your false beliefs with real ones. In essence, the only thing that needs changing on your weight loss journey is YOU.

write by Bernice


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