The Music Of His Presence – 2

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There is a door that separates the natural realm from the realm of the Spirit. This door was very real for the apostle John (Rev. 4:1-2). He looked and saw an open door in the heavens, and a voice said unto him, come up here. In other words, the Lord was saying, “Down there you are not going to be able to see anything, you need to come up here; you have to pass through the door and enter into My world.”

This was new to John. Despite the fact that in the past he had heard the voice of the Lord say, ‘I am the door…’ (Jn. 10:9), he was finally beginning to understand the magnitude of what the Master had said.

When John passed through the door, he left the world of reason and entered the world of the Spirit. He left the natural in order to enter the supernatural. In the twinkling of an eye, John found himself before the throne of God, and he beheld the worship of heaven.

Was this experience just for John? Of course not…

The following words should be received as a testimony, not as doctrine or law. Our God is creative and does with each person as He desires. You will not find the music of His Presence trying to imitate a particular experience, but rather by encountering the Fountain– God.

It is not easy to describe it, but while I am ministering to the Lord with the piano (during a service or in my personal devotions), there are moments in which He opens a door in the realm of the Spirit and invites me to come up. Upon passing through the door… it is no longer I following Him, but rather He carries me. The harmony and the melody begin to flow with an indescribable freshness, difficult to express. It is like a powerful river of which I am in the middle and its current takes me wherever it wants. It is like extending my wings and flying impulsively on the wind without limits or pressure, in perfect liberty.

The Scriptures declares, “Those who wait upon the Lord will rise up wings like eagles.”(Is.40:31). The eagle extends its wings and surrenders itself to the power of the wind, at high levels, where the air currents are very strong. She moves its wings to reach the level of the current, but when it gets there, it extends its wings and allows the wind to propel it along. In this way, the eagle arrives to heights that could not be reached otherwise. Something similar occurs in the realm of the Spirit…

I can extend my wings and surrender myself to the wind of the Holy Spirit without any effort because it is He who moves me. In doing so, the harmony reaches new heights and then descends majestically. After descending, many times the music will begin to intensify (in crescendo) again, gaining more strength and power in proportion to the increase of the Spirit. It is as if the Lord (above all, in services of corporate worship) wraps up all those present in His wings, lifting them to new heights of the glory of God. The music becomes inexpressible, powerful, majestic, and glorious.

At other times, it is as if the Cloud rests upon a chord, giving it sharpness and depth and bringing a holy silence to the place. Then He begins to descend like sweet dew, full of the presence of God. (Ps. 133:3). The music flows and tenderizes the hearts of the people, preparing the ground so that the seed of life will fall on good earth. As the book of Numbers declares: ‘And when the dew fell on the camp in the night, the manna fell on it’ (Num. 11:9). When the dew of His presence drenches the human heart, then it is ready to receive divine nourishment– the Word of God.

The music of His Presence finds different expressions with every prophetic worshiper. What I’ve shared it’s just the testimony of my own experience–which is just a drop in a big ocean. It takes all of us to express the fullness and richness of this heavenly sound.

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write by Andrew Caccam

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