The Most Powerful Means to Relieve Human Suffering

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“… Through consciousness, our minds have the power to change our planet and ourselves. It is time we heed the wisdom of the ancient indigenous people and channel our consciousness and spirit to tend the garden and not destroy it… “

Bruce Lipton

The level of suffering in the world has reached a screeching crescendo of violence, pain, despair, and hopelessness.The victims are the millions of innocent animals which are imprisoned in zoos, poisoned in laboratories, butchered in the world´s slaughterhouses and deprived of their naturals habitats, through the destruction of natural resources and the living systems of our planet. Victims are the millions of innocent women and children injured, crippled for life or killed in the countless conflicts raging around the globe, the soldiers fighting in these battles, who, if they survive, bring home the burden of PTSD for themselves and society and finally all of humanity. The destruction of the world´s monetary system is looming around the corner, threatening to hurl civilization back into medieval times.

The list could go on and on, from devastated woodlands to polluted and withering oceans, from the hopelessness of the world´s slums and homeless to the gasps of those starving in the streets, from the mindless TV shows to the ghastly violent and horror movies which envenom the souls of the public: A million-fold howl and shriek and scream of agony ascends to the heavens.

Rapacious greed and insatiable craving for power drive this truly hellish and vicious circle: The malignant struggle for world domination in the guise of capitalism, globalization, democracy, the war on terror, freedom, or whatever camouflage they use to hide their evil agenda.

The despisement and disdain for the victims of these actions in conjunction with the mindlessness, credulity or opportunism of the daunted or malicious string puppets in politics, finance, media and military, naturally invokes the ire of the afflicted masses or the resistance of targeted and threatened governments. Which again leads to violence and counter-violence, ever so on, teetering on a knife´s edge, until eventually the entire society disappears in a whirlpool of fire and devastation.

One thing is for sure: If those responsible have the means to command politics, finance, media, weaponry and instruments of domination, desolation, and destruction, they would equally have the means to create heaven on earth, which would be the only justification for their power and wealth.

Now, as a result, a large number of people believe that politics is a method to counteract the powers that be and to overthrow a system in which 1% dominate the 99%. But unfortunately, the degree of control that the 1% have managed to accumulate makes it impossible to change the regime by peaceful, political means.

Any party or political movement that would pose a threat to the current distribution of power is only tolerated to bolster the simulation of democracy or ignored as long as it is irrelevant.As soon as such a party or movement gains momentum and has just the slightest chance of becoming a valid contender, the first option is to buy the contender into the system´s agenda. If that does not work, the system unleashes their collected media fury onto such a movement and the individuals representing it. If the usual barrage of slander and defamation is not enough, agents of dispersion and division are infiltrated, and if that does not lead to neutralization of the challenging movement, manipulation of elections and finally intimidation and “accidents” will do the job. Since the system owns all of the mainstream media, all means of communication and, through their puppets, all of the legislation and executive authority, hoping to succeed with a political movement must remain a dream. The best thing that can happen to dissidents is if they tag them as nuts, but harmless.

All of this results in the desperate conclusion by many that only force can overcome the system. The most obvious reason that such an undertaking would be futile is the sheer power the system commands. It is not only military or police power which makes it physically invincible; the system also controls the brains of millions of people as a result of the deluge of brainwashing that is continuously excreted by all mainstream media channels everywhere. And you can rest assured that the individuals in control hide behind fortresses which make them unreachable by any military means.

And finally, revolution by physical force is no good idea because if you resort to violence, then inevitably you become exactly that against what you fight. The lessons of history are plentiful and conclusive. One cannot drive out the devil with Beelzebub. It would only revolve the spiral of violence one other turn, causing the loss of more innocent life and would bring us back to where we started above. As Martin Luther King said: Darkness is only driven out with light, not more darkness.

But, enough of that. Other than occasional reminders, I will not delve further into the horrors of the workings of the system, the fruits of their work can be vividly viewed in daily news and on news websites of all political directions covering the countless and unending wars, atrocities and creations of chaos. I will also not take sides in the discussion of politics. I do not care who throws bombs, who kills children, who pollutes the environment, who impoverishes society and who infests the public mind with media trash and propaganda lies, this is a global phenomenon. Primarily those responsible need a full dose injection of love, compassion, and empathy. My sympathy is for the victims, innocent or not: Plant, animal or human, biological and non-biological existence in the material and spiritual domains. I also assume that readers of this article have some idea “how deep the rabbit hole goes.” To that end, links to relevant media will be presented here occasionally.

Now, does this mean we need to adopt a stance of relinquishment, submission, and fatalism? Does it mean we need to surrender and only wait until the system has managed to open the gates of hell and release the demons of the great final destruction?

Certainly not, I believe there is one solution, one way out and around, as you will see below.

The psychopathic disregard for the suffering of fellow beings often tagged “collateral damage” and the lack of empathy are the main reasons for the system´s malicious conduct and its adoration of profit and power.

As darkness is the result of the absence of light, this psychopathy is nothing but the consequence of the lack of love and compassion. If those in control would only for 5 minutes share the pain and fear of the innocent sentient beings in the ruins of a bombed city, who have been hurt, maimed or lost a loved one through one of the devilish weapons which are in use today, they could not continue their fiendish path.

The proposition suggested in this article is this: The most fundamental power in the universe is the Power of Spirit in the Quality of Love. This power creates worlds, universes, and all of reality. It can turn lead into gold and darkness into light. It is the power which actuates the spiritual lattice around which matter condenses from the primordial sea of potentiality.

In the articles to come, I will elaborate on more examples about the workings of the Spirit and the meanwhile ample scientific evidence that consciousness is primary to matter.

Based on this proposition, I call out to those who are willing to accept that violence cannot fight violence, but are unwilling to leave the battlefield to the forces of darkness and evil. I call out to those who are willing to accept as a possibility that consciousness is primary to matter, and that love is superior to hate. I call out to those who are willing to sacrifice 20 to 30 minutes of their daily time for a meditation on love and compassion while targeting geographical areas, groups of people or individuals particularly stricken by chaos. After entering into a light meditation, guidance for which will be present in coming articles, you are asked, in your imagination, to open your heart space and project or beam a ray of compassion and love towards the weekly “target.”

I am sure: If a sufficient number of souls regularly and consistently unite in meditation at a set time, and concentrate a focus of love and compassion towards a particular subject of reference, it will make a difference. It may take a while for results to materialize, but materialize they will.

Countless rigorous, scientific studies confirm that effects of distant healing intentions and prayers are real. They are small, but nevertheless significant. Usually, these studies involve a smaller number of “distant healers”.

One example is a study which Dr. Daniel Benor performed on the subject of remote healing. Remote healing is a mental exercise by which one or preferably a group of meditators, when in a state of contemplation, would concentrate on the full recovery of a patient. The patient could be in any place, either closer to the meditators or in a very distant remote location. The meditators used directed intention, the imagination of perfect health of, or prayer for the health of patients. After analyzing 61 research papers concerning the subject, Dr. Benor came to the compelling conclusion that in rigorous randomized studies substantial evidence was found for the effectiveness of remote healing sessions, whereby the targets of the intention or prayer could be different kinds of biological entities, from single cells and bacteria to animals and humans. Also, and more important was the observation that the distance between the meditators and the patients made no difference for the impact, the healing intentions had on the targets. Dr. Benor inferred that these studies would offer quite new possibilities for holistic approaches to medicine and health services.

Dr. Marilyn Schlitz and Dr. William Braud reported in a similar study summarizing 30 remote effect experiments. In this case, the operators, people with self-asserted psychic abilities, contemplated on effecting changes in the physiology of remote human targets. In these rigorously controlled studies it was unambiguously found that at the time of the operator’s intentions, a distinct effect on the physiological parameters of the target group took place in comparison to arbitrarily selected resting periods when the operators did not direct any impulsion toward the target group.

In coming articles I will include links and references to primary literature which indisputably substantiate the reality of psychic phenomena.

If these ideas resonate with you, return to these pages. As these posts progress, I will give a short introduction to meditation, how to invoke mental images and emotions, and a few facts about the then current target of love and compassion. Also, I will provide some background information about the role of consciousness and spirit in the manifestation of reality and examples of relevant results of scientific tests in this regard.

At 7 or 8 pm your local time, you will be asked to carry out the meditation, daily for a week on a particular subject, being aware of the community with your fellow meditators in your time zone. Obviously, I would be delighted to hear from you afterward about your feelings and experiences during the meditation. If you would like to contribute in the form of ideas and relevant royalty/copyright free media furthering this cause, you are quite welcome.

Just imagine that hundreds, thousands or millions of minds around the globe join in this virtual gathering. Imagine that local groups are meeting in the physical and thereby amplifying their impact. Imagine continuous beams of focused love, empathy, and compassion being radiated 24 by 7 through all time zones towards those in need, including victims and perpetrators alike.

Someone said that darkness is deepest just before dawn. Each of the troubles humanity inflicts on themselves seems to increase a pressure to develop the right kind of remedy, the right kind of insight.

Finally, it is time to lay down the cudgels and adopt more sophisticated means of change, in accordance with our evolutionary destiny. The earth planet and all of the humanity have the potential to create heaven in the Here and Now. The next step on the ladder of evolution is to raise the flame of love and compassion in our hearts and to immerse ourselves in the sublime powers of the non-physical domain.

P.S.: The title of this post refers to a romantic song from Jefferson Airplane´s 70s LP “Bark”: “War Movie”. If you don´t know it, enjoy finding it on the web.

write by Roderick


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