The Hottest Designer Swimwear Styles of 2009

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Swimwear fashion is generally influenced by the celebrity styles. The designer swimwear pattern mostly observed among celebrities this year includes bright shades, one-shoulder motifs and a cutaway monokini style. However, when it comes to women’s swimwear there is more to it than what meets the eyes. So, here’s a look into the details of bikini cuts, colors, prints and designs that can help make you look your best.

Hot and bright colored designer swimwear

To complement the fresh and bright spring and summer of 2009, most women on the beach have been seen flaunting the jewel tones of emerald, pink, purple, red and royal blue. So much so that Bunny Beach Swimwear has introduced a complete range of vivid colored bikinis and monokinis. If you love joining in this riot of colors, get hold of a bold and flashy hued designer bathing suit.

The supreme appeal of a Monokini

This year the fashionistas have awakened afresh to the magic a one-shoulder monokini. If you are comfortable with a bit of skin show, go for a one-piece cutaway designer swimwear that will have a single sexy strap adorning one of your shoulders. In fact, the fashion experts of London Fashion Week have rated single-strap monokinis to be hotter than strapless women’s swimsuits. You can make the best impression in a solid black, red or a floral printed monokini.

Experiment with a two-piece monokini

The monokini is such a hot swimwear trend this year that it is rated 10/10 on designer bikinis Richter Sclae . If you love experimenting with your bikini top and bottom, this is the right time to pair a halter neck bikini top with briefs connected by a slanting wide strap or chain. This is favorite to many because it gives a unique semi-cutaway, semi two-piece look to your designer swimwear. Moreover, the two-piece monokini is also a wonderful take on the popular asymmetrical swimwear look.

Wear the most eye-catching prints to hog the limelight

Animal and African jungle prints are in vogue this year and with these you can accentuate your inner wildness while turning heads amidst a crowd. You can buy a designer swimsuit with python, zebra and leopard prints to be in the spotlight. If you are not comfortable with these bold prints, go for tie-dye prints in rich shades of green, purple, red, pink and orange.

Flaunting uniquely cut tankinis is hot

If you are not comfortable about exposing your body, a printed tankini can be your choice. Pairing the bikini top with a short skirt bottom is a popular trend with women who want maximum coverage. You can enhance your body features by buying women’s swimwear with triangle tops and simple side-tie briefs. Fashion designers are opting for a laid-back style statement by accessorizing designer bathing suits with jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, panama hats and belts.

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