The Giorgio Armani Brand

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The Armani brand was established the year 1974 in Milan Italy by Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti. Whereas their men fashion, which they first started working on, became a huge success they started to fund for women’s fashion line.

By the year 1975 the Armani brand had become a fashion symbol for women also.

Today it is with the biggest fashion brand in the world with 4700 employees by the end of 2005 and sales for about 1.69 billion dollars.

Giorgio Armani himself is born the 11th of July the year 1934 and has become a symbol for high class fashion and the ambassador of fashion for Italy to the world.

The marketing behind the fashion brand is very different as in behind other fashion products. When fashion houses make their image behind the brand they tend to use their own personality, in this case Giorgio Armani himself, and try to recreate their persona in the cloths and products. The strategy behind Armani is luxury. In most cases when you ask people what comes first to mind when they hear their brand name is expensive luxury clothes, expensive sunglasses and good perfumes. Or in one word luxury.

For example to own an Armani suit could be a symbol of power and significance

Like with all brands in the world, after a long time of success they tend to expand in other products like perfumes, furniture’s, watches, cosmetics and many more like Armani has done. But what I´m mainly going to talk about is their fundamental for the brand, the clothing and the clothing lines they produce.

Signature Giorgio Armani Line: Is their most expensive line, their pride and joy, the line that their empire is based on. The targeted market group are the rich and famous, people on the age 35-50 years old. A lot of actors are in these sort of clothing, specially on the Oscars. But Armani became an superstar in fashion because all the actors wanted to wear his brand on the Oscars.

Armani Collezioni: Is the expensive line for the young people, 25-35 years old and have been the most prominent line for last couple of years. As an example: David Beckham is the face of this line and DJ Tiesto is the Official Armani DJ (he only wears Emporio Armani)

Armani Jeans: Their cheapest line, targeting people on the age 18-30 years old. For the young crowd that hasn’t got that much money between their hands. With this line they are giving the youngest crowd an opportunity to buy and where the Armani brand.

A/X Armani Exhange: This chain of brand is their outlet line around the world where people can buy various accessories, not only clothing but also jewelry, cosmetics and many more. This line shows just how much power lies behind the Armani brand when a brand this big and expensive can have outlets all around the world so that you can gear up completely for the weekend, dinner party, the meeting or whatever you are about to do.

The Future of Armani.

Like I said here before, Giorgio Armani is the brand, and the brand is him. When you buy something from that brand then you are buying something that he has personally worked on himself to make your experience of wearing his product as good as it gets.

What can be a downfall for fashion lines is when the name itself dies, there often comes up problems when that happens. The next person to take over the line could take the line in a completely different direction and by that lose all the loyal customers. This has become a problem for the Armani brand as Giorgio Armani is now 74 or 75 years old and maybe doesn’t have many days left. He recently said in an interview that he has not yet started to find a worthy successor, which is by my opinion a really bad thing, because that can take years to find one.

Other thing that could be their Achilles heel, because there is so much going on in their fashion house, so many products, that they could lose their contextual of all their products. Everything that bears the Armani name should have a similar context, either it’s a suit or a coffee mug, there should be similar style, because this is the same brand. And when the brand is this big you can easily lose sight of the context over all the products.

But to their advantage it is that the brand is always classic, and lasts for decades. There aren’t many clothing lines that can last you in style for maybe a decade. Like Celine Dion said that it doesn’t matter if you own a 10 year old suit or clothing from Armani, they will always suit you and you will always look fantastic and glamorous. After all this is Armani!

write by James Brown


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