The Effects of Climate Change on the Planet

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The World Health Organisation has revealed, 9 of the past 10 warmest years ever recorded have taken place in the past decade. This has been blamed on human actions in releasing greenhouse gases from fossil fuels and a continuity of these actions will contribute highly to natural changes in ecosystems. Many people may be comfortable in thinking it will not affect us in our lifetime, but already many of the recent floods, droughts and other natural disasters are being thoroughly studied as possible consequences from the impertinent human behaviour towards the earth.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have highlighted that businesses will be largely affected by climate change. Already 31 per cent of all UK businesses have been disturbed somewhat by the extreme weather from 2007, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development have claimed that for every 1 pound spend on adapting for climate change, it could result in 4 pounds of future damage avoidance.

On the other hand, some companies may take the climate change as a competitive advantage. With rapidly rising temperatures, it means demand for seasonal products is fast increasing. Sun protection, sunglasses and summer clothing are just a few of the products which have benefitted from climate change. Additionally, even in an unpredictable economic state, many are looking forward to making the most of the hotter weather through outdoor activities. Travelling, sports, camping and sightseeing may all see a rise in demand as a direct consequence of the hotter weather which could arguably help growth in these sectors, however, this may just blind the reality and scale of the negative impact climate change may have.

For impact on internal business structures, one of the main areas of investment could be for more space cooling systems in offices and manufacturing plants. However, solutions like these could have adverse effects with the requirement of energy to fuel the implementation, therefore contributing even more towards global warming and climate change.

Although these are just some of the influences the change in climate will have, it displays just a few of the drastic global processes which will affect us all and could change the course of many business futures. Some will jump at the chance to gain a new competitive advantage over others, but for most it will result in lower rates of demand for their current offerings and considering the eco-system changes and natural disasters, even those who benefit will undoubtedly pay the price in other areas.

write by Paige Hulslander


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