The Climate Of West Malaysia

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The climate of peninsular Malaysia -is generally warm, humid and rainy throughout the year with some variations observed at the highland locations.

The climate is ideal for holiday makers, tourists and the elderly people who want to settle in a warm serene place in their later years. In the following lines we find the general features of its climate.

The climate of this part of Malaysia can be broadly divided into two categories, namely the climate of the lowlands and the climate of the highlands.

The Climate of the Lowlands

The climate of the lowlands; of which Kuala Lumpur (KL), Johor, Penang, Butterworth, Melaka, Mersing, Georgetown, Putrajaya etc. are typical examples, is, hot and humid throughout the year with heavy rainfall. The average rainfall remains around 80 inches, the average relative humidity 80 percent and the average temperature 80 F. It is also called typical equatorial climate or the climate of three 80s.

The rainfall is equally distributed throughout the year although a slight increase from September onwards till January is noticed.

The daytime highs rarely exceed 95 F or fall below 70 F and 90 /75 is the norm at almost all the above locations.

The Climate Of Highlands

The climate of highlands of which, Genting, Cameroon, Highest hills of Langkawi and Tiomin Island is a typical example is comfortable, humid and very rainy throughout the year. In fact the rainfall is significantly more than that of the lowlands through the year but the beauty is that the average temperature remains 60 – 70 F throughout the year -depending on the elevation. It is no doubt, then, that these places are the heart throb of the tourist from throughout the world.

For instance Genting Highland is just an hour’s drive from KL but the climate is significantly cooler to such an extent that at KL you always wear T shirt or half sleeves due to its hot and humid climate while at the former location, jackets are definitely needed; especially during a rain spell.

Cameroon highlands -a four hour drive from KL- are even cooler and the nights, especially, are very chilly. Whereas the nearby Ipoh, is hot and humid throughout the year.

In short, it follows, that the climate of West Malaysia is generally hot and humid with heavy rainfall. Exception being the highlands which enjoy a temperate climate and are favorite of the foreigners who are used to living in cooler climates.

write by Robyn Todd

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