The Beauty and Danger of Samurai Swords

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The samurai culture is fascinating. The traditions of these men in dark robes may seem rude to ordinary European of American folks, however, their brave deeds and attitude to friendship, duty and honor are mind blowing. We, Americans and Europeans, certainly lack some virtues that every samurai had.

Samurai culture is splendid in everything, from their interior design concepts to clothes and what’s more important – weapons. A samurai never parts with his sword. In fact, a samurai sword is more than a weapon for him. That’s a part of his personality, or a part of his life. A sword is what makes him a samurai.

Even folks not interested in samurai culture admire their swords that are true pieces of art (of course, I am talking about genuine blades). Even today, authentic swords are made as they were made hundreds of years ago. Yes, you may purchase some blades online, and sellers will swear those are genuine samurai weapons, however, you will end up buying junk. These days, not many Japanese sword masters are left.

An inexperienced buyer will never tell a fake samurai sword from a genuine one. They will look all the same and have the exact same weight and size. Yet, a fake sword will remain just an expensive toy that will probably break into small pieces once you decide to try it is a fight simulation. A real Japanese sword is a dangerous weapon. It is so sharp that can easily cut human hair falling on the blade. That’s just one of the tests. If you are really interested in Asian weapons, there are specialized sites and forums that gather fans from across the world.

Sure, the best option is to buy Japanese swords in Japan. Today, you may easily register at specialized auctions with collectibles. Moreover, you may hire an expert who will perform a thorough check up of the chosen items. Many swords come with documents proving their age and manufacturing place. Yet, make sure you are prepared to pay a huge price for a 100 y.o. Yari, Naginata or Katana. Before you make a decision, you may read something about history of the swords, their peculiar features and purposes. As mentioned above, a sword in Japan is more than a sword. It is a part of the country history and philosophy for the entire generations.

By the way, some folks sell self made Japanese swords. Well, those are definitely scammers. Genuine samurai swords are made of steel from mines in the south-west of Japan. Moreover, the traditional sword making procedure takes over a week. It is definitely impossible to use own DIY skills to make a great Katana.

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