Ten Reasons Why Wicked Is the Most Enjoyable Musical of All-Time

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West Side Story has the music. Phantom of the Opera has the romance. Jersey Boys has the nostalgia. But Wicked has the fun.

By far, Wicked is the most enjoyable Broadway musical of all-time. It earned this title despite having a somewhat minor flaw. As a self-proclaimed theater buff I have to admit that if I was to list my ten favorite musical scores, Wicked’s would not make the cut.

Yes, Wicked’s music is only slightly above average.

However, if I had to make a list of the ten musicals I most wanted to see, either again or for the first time, Wicked would be number one with a bullet.

My thesis is proved 52 times a year. Just about every week Wicked is Broadway’s top grossing production-it regularly eclipses the $1.5 million mark. Not bad for a show that debuted on Broadway in October of 2003 to lukewarm reviews.

Below are ten reasons why Wicked is the most enjoyable musical of all-time. Is that an overstatement? It is if you haven’t seen the show. Fortunately for Wicked fans they can not only catch the musical at the Gershwin Theatre on Broadway but via the National Touring Company as well.

1. Elphaba and Glinda’s Relationship

Elphaba and Glinda’s unique relationship is quite refreshing. They are not only rivals but best friends. And even though they are witches from a fictional world, their relationship is far more honest than those you’ll find in more realistic shows. Wherever you see Wicked you won’t be cheering for just one of the two witches, you’ll be cheering for both.

2. The Wizard of Oz Franchise

Long before our imaginations were captured by the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises, they were captured by the Wizard of Oz franchise. Most of us know the story of the Wonderful Wizard and the Land of Oz through the 1939 movie starring Judy Garland. The movie was based on the 1900 book by L. Frank Baum. He continued to write about the Land of Oz for 13 more books. Wicked is taken from a parallel novel by Gregory Maguire that was published in 1995.

3. Movie References

The musical makes several references to events that transpired in the film. Sometimes the musical extrapolates while other times it adds back story. Sometimes the references are germane to the plot while other times the references are strictly for comedic purposes. Spotting them only adds to the show’s enjoyment.

4. “Popular”

The song “Popular” is Wicked’s version of “Master of the House.” It’s the song you won’t be able to get out of your head. It doesn’t matter if you hear the song on iTunes or live in a theater, you’ll be humming its ultra-catchy melody all the way home. The memorable tune appears in Act 1 when Glinda decides to give Elphaba a makeover.

5. Laughs

There’s no one character in Wicked that provides comic relief. Every character is funny. Wicked doesn’t stop being funny when the second act starts. The show is funny from start to finish. Wicked doesn’t rely solely on ironic references to the movie. The show creates genuinely funny moments.

6. Talking Animals

You gotta love talking animals. In Wicked, you have Doctor Dillamond. He’s a talking goat that teaches history at Shiz University. In fact, talking animals, or more precisely animals losing the ability to speak, is a major part of Wicked’s story. While he never speaks in the musical, the Cowardly Lion does make an appearance as a caged cub. It’s Wicked’s only use of gratuitous cuteness.

7. Great Names

Sure Tony and Marie are nice solid names. Yes, Christine Daae is elegant and Frankie Valli is cool, but nothing can touch the character names in Wicked. You’ve already been introduced to Elphaba and Glinda (who begins the movie as Galinda) but that’s just the tip of the witch’s hat. There’s Fiyero (Scarecrow), Madame Morrible, Nassarose, and Boq (Tin Woodman).

8. Green

Kermit the Frog sang how it’s not easy being green and the green thing never seemed to work for The Incredible Hulk. Yet despite their problems we still love them. The same can be said for Elphaba who also has green skin. Don’t worry if you’re watching the show off-Broadway

9. “Defying Gravity”

“Defying Gravity” is the show-stopping moment that ends Act I. And if the hairs on the back of your neck don’t stand up as Elphaba ascends over the stage then you should have your ticket to Wicked revoked. The “Defying Gravity” number is one of musical theater’s all-time greatest moments. If you’ve seen Wicked, whether on Broadway or in another city, you’ll know that’s not hyperbole.

10. Quality

Wicked isn’t the only “fun” Broadway musical. Rock of Ages, Legally Blonde, and Avenue Q are also a blast but you wouldn’t put them in the same category as West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, and Jersey Boys. Wicked belongs with those elite musical-dramas because besides the good times the show is a serious drama with a powerful message. It’s a high quality production that’s also a whole lot of fun.

write by Christopher Warfel

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