Tan Sunglass Lenses Work Best In Summer Haze

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As pilots we know what it is like to fly in haze, skimming along under the clouds in the late summer afternoon, shafts of golden light streaming through holes in the overcast. Our eyes move nervously back and forth, scanning the horizon for any dangerous objects or other aircraft that may be entering out airspace. Relying on our most important sensory asset, our eyes, we venture on towards our destination.

No different for driving down a country road under a canopy of trees lining the road, occasion beams of scattered light breaking up the cool dark tunnel as you cruise along with not a care in the world. Relaxing in the warmth of a summer afternoon, slightly drowsy as we drive in the afternoon that is casting shadows as it races towards evening. Watching for other cars or little children racing into the road chasing a ball with wild abandon.

Laying back on your beach towel watching the youngsters splashing in the warm water as the afternoon sun slowly descends towards the horizon while being chased by clouds. The air is still and humid as the haze of summer gently envelopes us and makes us sleepy.

In each case we need our sunglasses to help us improve contrast so we can see the dangers on the edge of vision. But what are the right pair of sunglasses, what lenses should they have? We have our favorite sunnies with their natural smoke gray lenses on, but the haze obscures and makes indistinct those very objects it is so necessary to see.

The gray lenses let the natural light pass through and reach our eyes showing us the true color of our surroundings and protect our eyes against harmful ultraviolet radiation beaming down from above. But in the haze there is something missing, something not quite right.

Nearby is a friend who has decided to wear his tan lens sunglasses and he can see things on the perimeter quicker and clearer than you. You wonder why he can see them easier and faster than you can.

The reason is simple – tan sunglasses lenses increase contrast in low light and haze conditions – period.

That’s why we always recommend to our fellow pilots, and now to you too, that you always carry a second pair of sunglasses to compliment your true natural smoke gray lens sunglasses. That second pair should have tan lenses so that later in the day, when the sun is fading and the overcast increasing creating a low light haze condition that you can see everything in sharper contrast.

Our eyes are always our first line of defense when working or playing outdoors, and our sunglasses are what both protect our eyes and increase our visual acuity so that we can see any nearby danger quickly and clearly, always in time to take action to avoid the danger and protect our loved ones.

So before you forget be sure and get that second pair of aviator sunglasses with tan lenses to make sure you can see properly in those low light and haze conditions of summer afternoons.

write by Wilfred


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