Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone Is the Key to Successful Transition of Our Health Care Challenges

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Stepping out of your comfort zone is exactly what our illustrious Queen D.I.V.A. did. I was chatting with her yesterday and had one of those “aha” moments. Kimberanne weaver, creator of D.I.V.A. was sharing with me a passion she has for diva college and her future path.

While having this discussion, she was also reading some quotes that inspired her. Then it hit me! Geeeeee it is quite amazing how synchrodestiny’s (thank you deepak) really are at every turn, more importantly, being cognizant that they occur all the time if you will just allow yourself to accept them. By allowing yourself to see, feel, and experience these synchronistic events you will be lead to a great manifesting experience.

Stepping out

so here was my aha! Diva is an educational environment for the global exchange of ideas. It is a place of safe expression and higher learning. It is a place where students can come to experience a broad range of topics and be touched by expert instructors from many cultures and backgrounds. It is about open dialog and improved communication and life experiences from that open dialog. That is when it hit me that I will open each day with a path for open dialog and the intention to be part of a healthy, productive, life exchange of ideas. It is not uncommon to have varying views or even opposing viewpoints on a particular subject or idea.

So I thought I would start each day off with a thought provoking quote and a brief discussion, with the intention that this will stimulate open and interesting conversations. So please join in take a moment to comment and share this and you thoughts with the rest of the world. Your ideas and opinions matter. So here is the first quote: this is very appropriate to begin with, because of the overall implication of what is true about this quote. I have had this quote on my desk for many years and live by this daily. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find out who wrote this quote to give credit to the mind and spirit that created it.

“Excellence can be attained if you care more than others think is wise; risk more than others think is safe; dream more than others think is practical; and expect more than other think is possible.” Author unknown

read this to yourself over and over for a moment, let it sink in. This quote is very powerful and profound to me and may also stir you to conversation. In my class room settings I speak of the cz zone. This quote speaks to it directly. In order to care more, risk more, dream more, and expect more one must stand outside their comfort zone. In fact you might be out of your comfort zone most of the time.

Comfort Zone

it is very painful and fear provoking to be outside your comfort zone, but you will have no growth or transformations happening in your life until you step out of your comfort zone. If you truly want to experience massive growth and life fulfillment step up and step out of your comfort zone.

My deep passion in life, and way outside my comfort zone, is bringing about the idea that health care needs to be integrated. And I am also looking for a better description for the care of our bodies, our minds, or better said the temples where our spirits live.

I have spent the better part of 30 years in the giant allopathic machine of delivering treatment services to our population in one form or another. I have not come to this transition in my life lightly. On the contrary, I have been plagued with fear, and anxiety about success and failure of such a concept. I have also been stymied with thoughts of acceptance and rejection in my medical community. It is time to stand up and take my own medicine. Step up step out of my comfort zone and do what it takes to bring about influence and change.

Those of us that have been raised in the united states and other allopathic medical communities have not had the opportunity to experience the vast opportunities of healing concepts that exist in other, more ancient cultures. Now let me be very clear, I am talking about true integration. This means to me a blending, a merging, a marriage of both the allopathic and the natural healing sciences. It is far time that we allow ourselves the opportunity to experience openness and creativity.

My suggestion is that we allow open dialog, and the exchange of ideas to flow where health, fitness and the well being of our minds, our bodies, and our spirit. When we allow this free flowing interaction, we allow ourselves to grow and expand our experiences. We allow for the possibility that this exchange can and will bring about productive and healthy solutions.

Look it is really simple, when we take the ego, the payoff, and the personal interest out of the equation, then we have the recipe for positive, lasting, healthy solutions to a broad and common problem. I like to think of this as a game of chess. The moves are pre-destine, that is that all is possible with divine intervention, so just allow the possibilities to flow and open dialog is the key.

To Your Success Pay It Forward/Pass It On Jed A. Reay

write by Cruz Ortega


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