Spying in Shades With Spy Camera Glasses

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Imagine this scene if you can. Inside a very busy airport, an exchange between terrorists and gunrunners is taking place. The deal does not go unnoticed or unmonitored by several countries’ intelligence bureaus. In fact, agents are swarming all over the airport, all of them in various disguises. One of them goes undercover as a teenager. He sports very dark, very sleek sunglasses. He strikes a conversation with one of the terrorists. Unbeknownst to the terrorist, the agent is recording his features, physique, voice, and movement. How? Through a video recorder implanted in the agent’s sunglasses.

Does this scene seem like something plucked right out of a James Bond flick? Yes, it does. Reality, however, has finally caught up with fiction. Today, you need not be a member of the secret service just to wear spy camera glasses. Many companies are manufacturing spy camera glasses. In fact, these are available on and off the Internet.

Spy Camera Glasses What?

Spy camera glasses look no different from regular eyewear. They are so innocuous-looking, in fact, they would seem identical to the spectacles your grandfather has on, or the shades your sister frequently dons.

Spy camera glasses are designed for covert operations. They are particularly useful in espionage and law enforcement. Authorities use them to obtain information or put suspects under surveillance. Spy camera glasses also come handy to private detectives who use them to catch erring spouses or obtain damaging evidence for use in litigations.

How Do Spy Camera Glasses Work?

How is it possible to record someone using sunglasses? Well, mankind has made such dramatic strides in miniaturization we now have cameras so small they can easily be concealed in an eyewear’s nosepiece. In spy camera glasses, the camera concealed in the nose piece may either be wired or wireless. The camera records the information and then transmits the same either in color or in black and white.

Going Wireless

Wireless spy camera glasses are powered by batteries. These batteries, however, are different from the type we often buy for our portable radios. They are so long-lasting they can keep the hidden video camera running for long periods of time. This feature of spy camera glasses is important. After all, anyone who’s ever done any surveillance work can tell you your worst enemy is time. There’s no telling how long you’d have to wait for your quarry to emerge from the office, for example, or head for his paramour’s house.

Staying Wired

Now, what of wired spy camera glasses? They have thin wires connecting the camera to a transmitter or recording device. This transmitter or recording device can be easily kept inside a breast or jeans pocket.

Clearly, mankind has come a long way from the days of yore. Not only have we leaped from caves to mansions, we have now produced eyewear capable of performing as video cameras. Spy camera glasses are marketed so widely, in fact, you can buy one yourself. Whether you need it for legitimate reasons or you just think it’s cool to own one, you can spy in your shades anytime, anywhere.

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