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For skiing or snowboarding enthusiasts, snow ski goggles are an essential item within the protective apparel needed for the sport. They are both a safety attribute and help to enhance your comfort whilst enjoying the slopes – not to mention they can look really stylish too! There are many types of snow goggles with special features to suit your individual style of riding, your location and the conditions of the weather on any given adventure. Through wearing goggles, you eliminate discomforts and safety hazards that can hinder the amount of fun you can have taking part in winter sports – which means that choosing the right pair is worth your consideration.

There are three main things to think about when choosing the best snow ski goggles – the fit, frame and the lens features. Taking a look at the fit first, goggles should always be snug and never loose or too tight – almost like when you would look for the right size snow-boots. You will likely wear a hat or helmet when active on the slopes, so it is important to take this into account and try to fit them whilst wearing your chosen hat/helmet. To the front, the foam that protects your face from the frame should feel the same throughout – there should never be a spot that feels particularly tight or loose. For those of you who must wear prescriptive glasses, make sure that your goggle will also accommodate their presence.

The frame of snow ski goggles is another important factor when choosing the right pair for you. In any case, the goggles should be of good quality and the frame will have some flexibility. Double check that the frame has air vents; they are covered with foam but allow for air circulation and a clear view (no fogging up!)

Finally, the lens should be of a good standard and the best will have a double lens feature in their snow ski goggles. There will be less chance of fogging and a better thermal barrier. The chamber between the lenses should be fully airtight to prevent any mist collecting on the lens. From the materials that are used for this purpose, polycarbonate lenses are considered to be the best quality for all winter sports. A coating is also a good feature to some of the better quality snow goggles on offer – look for those that guarantee protection against scratching or distortion.

There is another feature to choosing snow ski goggles that can be a determining factor to the choice you make. The colour of the lens can make differences to your riding and may offer better vision in certain weather conditions. A clear lens is often used for night riding or in severe weather conditions for a clear vision. A yellow lens will help on darker days when you need more contrast and to brighten up the view.

Pink coloured lenses are an all-rounder and work well for most conditions – if you need one pair at a reasonable price then they might be the best option. There are some lenses that will change colour called modulator lenses – these will be helpful if you expect a change in weather conditions or if you will be out the entire day. The other option is polarized snow goggles that help to reduce the glare from bright light and snow.

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