Smart Ways to Keep Healthy Eyes

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Old literature says that “the eye is the mirror to a man’s soul.” This is a reflection on how important is the eye. Vision is a very important sensory function for learning, work and appreciation. Therefore, the eyes need special attention.

However, eye care needs not to be expensive. There are affordable and smart ways to keep healthy eyes.

Shades and Coated Lenses

It is a wise investment to have sunglasses and multi-coated glasses. Multi-coating is a little more expensive than regular glasses but it repels Ultraviolet (UV) rays. Too much exposure to UV increases the risk of macular problems and cataracts.

Goggle up for Safety

Having safety goggles should not be considered an option but a requirement for workshops and machine shops. Metal chips and tiny shrapnel are everywhere in these places. Dust can also irritate the eyes. Studies show that many eye accidents also happen at home-while making DIY projects.

Such misfortune can be prevented by using goggles. This equipment is also recommended for field sports.

Be Conscious of Your Contacts

If you are using contact lenses, make sure that you clean them regularly as recommended. Remember that they have direct contact with your eyes. You may visit your doctor regularly to check if the contacts are still OK. A sign of worn-out contact lenses is a feeling of discomfort.

Many contact lenses should be removed before sleeping. Always remove this type of lenses before going to bed. They may cause abrasions to the eyes. This may lead to blurring of vision, infection or temporary blindness

write by James Brown


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