Simple Article Marketing Tips That Every New Internet Marketer Should Know But Most Never Will

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In this article we are going to talk about some simple article marketing tips that every newbie, or beginning internet marketer should know by heart. The simple truth is that there is so much BAD information out there when it comes to free traffic strategies, that most novice marketers get “swamped” by silly strategies that simply don’t work….and ultimately, find themselves giving up, rather than going forward as a result.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some simple article marketing tips that WILL dramatically increase you ability, your entrepreneurial agility, and ultimately, make you more money as a result.

Articles Should Ask ( and answer) a Question: More Often Than Not: Yes, you want to provide good information, but one of the easiest ways to do it is simply “step inside” the mind of the folks you believe will be reading your articles, and answer the most pressing questions you believe they’ve got. ( remember, your articles will be read MOST optimally by people who have searched for your title, or topic in the search engines)

Use Keywords at the Start of Your Titles……and Then FORGET about it..:-)

If you read a piece of advice by someone who mentions “keyword density” or any other silly nonsense, run the other way very quickly. Why? It’s silly – they most likely are just guessing…and that stuff changes every other day anyway. The simple truth is if you write for people, like I’m writing this for you…’ll never lack for interested readers. Stick your keywords in the TITLE, at the front ( like I’ve done with “article marketing tips”) and all will be well with the world, I promise.

Create Compelling, and Collar Dragging Resource Boxes

I test and tweak my resource boxes ALL the time. Why? It’s the only real thing that matters. If people LOVE your articles, but don’t click on the links in your resource box, you’ve really accomplished nothing at all for the betterment of your business. The best resource box, much like the best advertising in general, are tested, tweaked and constantly improved.

Some basic things to avoid?

Never list your complete autobiography, never have a picture of yourself in sunglasses and never have a picture of yourself and your car – even if you’re exceptionally good looking like me, and have an impressive one to share.

write by Boniface


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