Silver Is the New Black for Jewelry

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There is a New Perspective on the Economic and Style Value of Silver

Why now? Economic times and silver’s strong market value have made die-hard gold lovers re-evaluate silver not only for its investment value but also for its style value. Designers, media publications and consumers are embracing the style value of silver with new more informed eyes. Society is ready to give silver its new ‘black’ name. Sandra M. Jones reported recently in the Los Angeles Times,

With the price of gold up 30% last year… jewelers have taken pains to come up with creative designs aimed at keeping price tags down… Designers are fashioning smaller, lighter-weight pieces that require less solid gold.

Designers Have Always Loved the Style Value of Silver for its Aesthetic Versatility

The visual appeal of silver is subtle yet can be equally striking without the heavy look that gold can carry. They are also jumping with joy at the prospect that style trends and media publications are finally focusing more on the appeal of sterling silver, and that consumers are buying into it with their wallets! As a result, both designer silver jewelry and brand name silver jewelry are becoming highly competitive and sought after. At the recent Centurion and AGTA Gem show, designers and manufacturers showcased elaborate sterling silver designs combined with precious stones in all price ranges.

Celebrities Have Become our Current Style Motivators

They are being seen wearing everything from cool silver chain jewelry to statement sterling designer pieces set with semi-precious stones. They are also catching on to the fact that a realistic quality endorsement instills trust and credibility with the common consumer. Quality sterling silver can be acquired more affordably than the diamond studded pieces that the celebs have been endorsing on the red carpet for years. Christina Applegate, Christie Brinkley, Nicole Ritchie, just to name a few, endorse lines with average price points ranging from $50 to $500. More and more successful signature endorsed lines are priced to appeal to the average person who is ultimately their primary audience.

New Black is Truly Silver

Celebrity endorsement results in increased media exposure and together with qualified designer support, it seems silver has finally taken centre stage. Enter a more informed style and cash conscious consumer and we have a winning formula in support of silver. It is long over due and we can say, justifiably, the new black is truly silver.

write by Howard Malan


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