Saving Money on Children’s Clothing

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Children’s wear is one of the most expensive parts of having a child. From the very beginning, clothes along with baby formula and diapers are the main expenses. After children are potty trained and they are old enough to eat much of what their parents are eating, clothes still remain an expense. The biggest problem is the obvious one, and that is that kids continue to grow. Adults replace clothes when they wear out, or with some, when the clothes are out of style. But with children, they almost always outgrow the clothes before they wear out. With this type of expense, parents on a budget must do everything they can to reduce the amount of money spent on children’s clothing.

Children after the age of two generally need clothing once a year because of their growth. But a parent cannot always count on this as children can go through growth spurts seemingly overnight and will need new clothes. The first two years after birth, a baby grows so fast that there are several intermediate sizes within a twelve month span. But by using various methods to acquire clothing, a parent can save a lot of money and still be able to get the clothes a child needs.

If the clothing that has been outgrown is still usable – and this is usually the case – save it. If you have another child of the same gender that is only two or three years younger the obvious thing to do is to keep them to use for the younger child when he or she gets older. If you don’t have a younger child, the next best thing to do is the look for a friend or relative who has children to work out a deal. Sometimes you can trade, or at least get the clothes very cheap.

There are two good places to look to save money on clothes and they are garage sales and thrift stores. Garage sales often have clothes, as families have children who have outgrown their clothes and parents are trying to get a small fraction back on the money they spent. Thrift stores too are a good source of low cost clothing. People do not want to see good clothing go to waste, and will donate to a thrift store. Always be looking for clothes at these two sources. You may not find anything right away, but take your time. If you are always shopping, you will come across some very good deals.

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