Safety Precautions for Kids Playing Beach Games in Summer

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Summer is full of fun for kids. Planning exciting beach parties for kids while bringing together the best food and games for them is all it takes to let them gather the most memorable moments of their childhood. But on the other hand you should be very cautious about making sure to follow the basic safety and precautionary measures for your kids.

Playing in the water and with exciting beach party games all day long on the beach becomes one of the top most desirable activities for kids. They run, shout, laugh, play and fall in the water throughout the day in the open air and facing direct sunlight.


Drowning into the water requires maximum attention. In the U.S. there are hundreds of kids losing their lives just because of drowning or sinking deep into the water for any certain time period every year. Most of the parents don’t pay greater attention on watching and supervising their kids, rather than that they also get indulged in playing games and doing fun activities with their kids.

Even if you are watching your kids while they play in the water, you won’t be able to save them spontaneously if you are with them unless one of you is dedicated to watch and supervise them. Drowning happens in a matter of a few moments and if you are even a bit far from them you would find yourself entirely helpless at that.

There are a number of precautions you could easily follow to avoid such horrible and life taking accidents such as,

• As it occurs silently, so keeping yourself near them and keeping your kids in bath seats saves them to a greater extent.

• Always try to make your kids learn a basic guideline that explains never running, pushing or jumping onto others as it is highly vulnerable and increases the chances of sinking into the water.

• Wearing life jackets and rings within arms’ reach are the best accessories you should get once you arrive at the beach.

Sun Becomes the Biggest Enemy

Global warming has resulted in bringing dynamic changes the global climate. Regardless of where ever you are in the world, you are a victim of global warming which allows hazardous UV rays to enter inside the atmosphere and affect common people exposed directly to the sunlight.

While critically emphasizing on the various factors that can cause serious concerns to your kids, extra aches and burns accounts for excessive suffering and damage to the skin.

• Applying sunscreen after every 90 minutes is highly recommended where having a waterproof sunscreen is another value addition.

• Wearing sunglasses saves eyes from directly receiving bright light that causes severe headache and weakens the vision.

• Wearing wide hats solves many of the issues for your kids.

• Try exposing less to the sun during the peak hours when it’s right onto your head.

Dehydration and Summer Heat Up

Summer heat up has become one of the most common concerns of parents trying to overcome during their kids’ beach party. If your kids are not much familiar with the hot water and the environment, then it could become one of the biggest problems for them they won’t even have an idea about.

• Instead of pouring, drinking water after every 20 minutes is recommended by most of the experts as it refuels your body with sufficient amount of desired elements into the body.

• Some of the most commonly adopted energy drinks also deliver the right amount of carbohydrates that are essentially required for re-hydrating your kids’ body.

• Gathering games that don’t require enough of your kids time to spend in the water also helps them to stay near with you which saves their time and enables them to ask you for water any time they feel thirsty.

• One of the kids most favorite and classical beach games such as the Sand Hole game, castle building, sand drawing and many more are the best options your kids would love to have on the beach ultimately allowing you to have a clear eye on them.

write by Duane

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