River Rafting Vacation

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Last week I went to Rishikesh with my friends for river rafting vacation. It was really a great trip full of fun and adventure. It was Friday night; I came back from my office and saw my roommate helping our landlord. Our landlord and the helper were about to start our room revamping as the room walls and ceiling was really making my room gloomy and white wash our room was the only option left. I also joined them to keep all the things out side the room.

After an hour my mobile phone rang and the call was from none other than from one of my best friends. He was calling me as it was Friday night he told me that he is coming to my room with his younger brother for enjoying the weekend. But I was feeling very sad because in our room there was no space where we could sit. I didn’t get chance to think over and after few minutes they were there. We sat there for few seconds suddenly I asked them to move to another friend’s room. They agreed on that and within few minutes we were there.

There were already few friends who were waiting for us because one of them had taken new car so he was giving party that night. Well, party began and someone from among us asked that lets move for river rafting trip to Rishikesh as the place is near to Delhi. Everybody agreed on that because we all love adventurous life and adventure tour has become way of spending our weekend. Our journey began at around 10 pm and we carried all the stuff like water proof bags, extra cloths, waterproof camera, slipper, t-shirt, shorts, sunscreen, sunglasses and some bears. We were all excited as this was our first trip for river rafting vacation.

We reached Haridwar in the morning around 5 am and we took rest. After taking rest for short while we could continue sleeping as the ambience outside was very pleasing and we could not stop ourselves inside the car. So we all together went outside and saw the great Ganga River flowing smoothly there, we were really trapped in its beauty. No one could resist themselves. The pleasant atmosphere attracts lots of visitors and travelers and for the first time we saw the Great Ganga area flooded with people. People were enjoying morning walk, few were taking river bath in the holy river. It was really very different morning full of fresh air, greenery, top hills and air was filled with enthusiasm, new life, aroma of love and joy. After taking a small walk we started our journey again towards Rishikesh. We reached there after 2 hour and we hired a river rafting operator after taking our breakfast.

They took us to that place where from we were to start our rafting expedition; I forgot the name of the place which was around 15 km away from Rishikesh. After reaching there they gave us some demonstration about rafting and our first river rafting journey began. We all were very excited. Our guide asked us to jump into the river because there was smooth flow of water. So we all jumped into the river, water were so cold still we remained inside until our guide asked us to come back into the rafting boat.

After few minutes he ordered us to come back on the rafting boat because our first raped was coming ahead. So we went back to the rafting boat. And it was really fabulous when we were passing through that raped; there was so much flow of water that we had to paddle very hard. Throughout this trip we enjoyed in this manner when ever any raped came we got back to the boat else we remained swimming in the Ganga River. At the end we were so much tired we went back to our hotel rooms and enjoyed our lunch around 4pm. In the evening we went to the market and were looking for wine shop, but there was no shop because that place is very spiritual. So we drop our idea for drinking and took our dinner and visit lot of temples there and came back in the morning.

write by Amity


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