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There are a growing number in our world today that are seeking real truth.

The following explanation is my personal take on what “real truth” is.

There exists within our world very specific, perfectly organized, timeless and immutable truths. These truths are referred to as various things. Some refer to them as Laws, others Commandments, and still others refer to them as Divine will.

Regardless of what they may be labeled or called, there existence is what determines your life experience. Regardless of whether or not you are aware of them, and regardless of whether you believe in their existence or not, doesn’t change the fact that they do and have always existed and are responsible for shaping the day to day experiences that you encounter in your life.

So many get caught up in the judgmental debate that these truths are either of a scientific or spiritual nature. Even various man made religious circles around the world make the choice to engage in these debates as to who and what is right and wrong. They are neither of these independently and all of these at the same time. These conflicting viewpoints are based on judgment and can never reflect the perfectly intended plan of Oneness and Unconditional Love which is the essence of the entire Universe. Such logic implies and creates resistance and as a result creates a perceived separateness. Separateness too is merely a perceived truth. In real truth there exists no such thing, only Oneness.

As Albert Einstein so correctly quoted….

“Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

The fact is, the “Real Truth” lies in the fact that there is no separateness in our world and it is only individual perception which makes it “appear” so. The real truth is just as mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected so are we as a species and as a Universe. We as a physical existence are all interconnected at an energy level. The real truth and the ability to achieve what is perceived as balance and harmony in your life experience lies in the understanding and correct implementation of this simple yet profound fact that “We Are One”.

Although there may exist many varying perceptions in our world as to what real truth is, the fact remains there is and can be only One real truth. All else is based on speculation and individual perception. All else is a matter of free will and individual choice to flow with or go against that which is “Real Truth.”. Those that choose to flow with, experience what is perceived as harmony. Those that choose to resist or go against, experience growth in the form of perceived hardship intended to lead them back toward the path of “Real Truth.”

In “Real Truth” there is no comprehension of polarity such as harmony or hardship. “All things work together for good.” It is only YOUR perception, what YOU believe to be true concerning the various experiences encountered which determines what they are for you.

Most in our world perceive that these perceived hardships, these growth lessons are of a negative nature as they are being experienced. This too is only a perceived truth based on a lack of deeper understanding and not based on real truth. The real truth is that these lessons were and are designed out of Unconditional Love to awaken those that are experiencing them to the fact that they are not acting in harmony with the immutable and unwavering laws that govern our Universe which when properly applied enable them to experience “desired” outcomes. These growth lessons serve as the means, the road signs if you will, that the choices that are being made are in resistance to that which is consciously desired and which EVERYONE has been provided the means as well as the ability to experience.

As an example, an experience of “perceived lack” is a sign that a choice that we have made, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, is not allowing us to experience what we perceive as abundance. At the root of this sign is a lesson to be learned which when discovered and corrected will enable us to experience the “desired” abundance that has already been provided. Our temporary perceived lack of this abundance happens as a result of exercising OUR free will to choose that which leads us away from the abundance that we desire. In a limitless and infinite Universe the “Real Truth” is that, abundance is all there is. That is “Real Truth.” WHAT you receive an abundance of is based on your choices, your perceptions, what YOU believe to be true.

Perceived truth allows the perceiver to experience life based on those perceptions that he chooses to have. “Real Truth” enables those that choose to recognize, awaken to, and harmonize with and live by it’s perfection, to experience a life experience of what is perceived as bliss and joy. Real Truth also enables those who choose to “unconsciously create” the ability to choose what is perceived as discord and hardship. It’s only a matter of how you perceive. It is merely a matter of choice. YOUR choice.

So if we truly do operate under a Source of Oneness and Unconditional Love why is it that we are enabled to experience these temporary perceived hardships?

We have all been provided the inalienable right of free will to choose which path we will follow. Any forced compliance by the Source would eliminate the inalienable right provided to each and every person on the earth and as a result would eliminate individuality and the ability to grow and discover in this experience referred to as life. The physical events, conditions and circumstances that are experienced in physical life are the direct result of how you choose to exercise YOUR free will, your choice. How you perceive things is a choice.

To clarify…….

If you choose to believe that money is scarce and hard to come by, you will experience hardship and lack in the area of finances.

If you choose to perceive that relationships are difficult to maintain you will experience that difficulty in your relationships.

If you choose to perceive that your health is in jeopardy you will experience health conditions based on that perception.

The good news is that the opposite is also true.

In “Real Truth” there exist no such things as hardship, lack, difficulty, or illness but only Harmony, Abundance, Ease and Well Being. What you perceive and choose to focus your attention on, in reality is what you are harmonizing with and will receive an abundance of.

In perceived truth there exists, as is experienced in your life only those circumstances which you perceive to be true.

YOU “choose” to experience that which you experience in your world. That which you choose is and will be the same as that which you experience. If you are disheartened with your current circumstances you have been provided the free will to make different choices. That is the beauty of and the challenge with free will. It is due to this free will that you are enabled to experience life to the fullest.

So what can be learned from this lengthy explanation? Real Truth and perceived truth are in reality ONE and the same. WHAT you experience is dependent only on your perception. As you believe, so too you will receive.

Should you find that you are not experiencing all that you desire to experience whether it be in the area of money, health or relationships, you only need change your mind concerning it.

That my friend is “REAL TRUTH.”

Discover it, absorb it and learn to harmonize with it and you will experience what is perceived as heaven on earth. A world of fulfillment, joy, inner peace, harmony and limitless prosperity has already been promised and given to you. That is real truth. Now, you only need to rediscover and recognize it as “your truth.”

“Changing your beliefs concerning what IS possible, will through seemingly mystical and magical means, manifest into that which you previously believed, and as a result found, to be impossible.”

It really is VERY simple.

Copyright © 2007 Chuck Danes All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

write by Mulham Odeh

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