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Reading sunglasses are new to the market and very useful product for those individuals with eyesight problems. Approximately 60% of the population in a specific region across the globe requires reading glasses during some phases in their lives. Most of the old reading glasses weren’t sun protective and that was the reason why eye-wear designers thought of making this new invention. Wearing them solves the problem of sun protection and helps the users to read even in sun. Sun rays are very harmful with UVA and UVB rays; these rays damage the sensitive eye and develop cataract while increasing eye strain. Using reading sunglasses is also more convenient than regular sunglasses, as you can read in sun while protecting your eye at the same time.

With an increasingly high demand for reading sunglasses, eye-wear companies are focusing on manufacturing many types of reading sunglasses. They are including new innovative frame styles with a number of lens shades. New varieties of fiber glass lenses are scratch resistant and with a better durability. These new varieties of reading sunglasses also include safety glass lenses and sport lenses with several new and trendy frame designs. Frames are also of different types; some of them are plastic light weight ones whereas others are classic metal based. Designs include hinged or unhinged with different colors, wide temple and embedded rhinestones for giving a stylish look to the user. Even the eye-wear companies have designed exclusive reading sunglasses for both men and women while targeting all age groups. Consumers have options to choose from all these varieties and pick anyone matching with their needs.

New varieties of reading sunglasses also include transition lenses and polarized glasses. Transition glasses are designed to change with the sun rays exposure; these glasses change their color when in sun and changes back to normal once moved back to shade. Polarized glasses are meant for providing better protection against sun rays; these glasses filter the sun rays and have more resistant against the harmful UV rays. Reading sunglasses come in different strengths based on the power ranges starting from.50 to 3.25; sunglasses with a power range up to 3.25 are sold without prescription, whereas for a larger variety of strengths doctor’s prescription is necessary. Prices for such glasses vary depending upon the lens types; branded eye-wears also cost much higher than the normal non-branded ones. Again, depending upon the function that you need in your reading sun-glass, you can choose the variety. Whether you choose a transition reading sun-glass or a polarized one with colored frames, you will definitely look cool in these trendy looking eye-wears.

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